Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Sands of Rehoboth

Macy's in Dover, Delaware

This morning I slept in late.  I went to bed early last night after a full day of activity.

For a couple hours in the morning I spent at my local bank wiring funds to pay off my mortgage.  What, to me, seems like a fairly simple task was quite involved.  Why, I don't know.  But it is done.

In the afternoon I had a 2:00  appointment at Dover Subaru for my first oil change.  Traveling to Dover on a Friday afternoon?  What was I thinking?  

Subaru Service Center - logjam with this lady who had the wrong lug nut (don't ask)

On the way up Rt. 1 Bill and I saw a long line of traffic at Dover Air Force Base backed up going south.   Yes, they're still working on the road.  We decided that when we were done in Dover we would come home by way of Rt. 13, which is a parallel road.  Of course Rt. 13 has traffic lights every 500 feet or so but at least we would be moving.

We dropped off my Subaru and decided to hike over to the Dover Mall for some shopping.  Bill hates malls.  I love them.  There are no malls in LSD so I wanted to take advantage of our forced free time.  I was in luck.  Both Macy's and J. C. Penney's had in outstanding sales going on.  I took full advantage.

Me ladened with the "booty" from the Dover Mall

Laden down with packages, we returned to the Subaru dealer.  More delays.  We finally got out of there and headed over to Sam's Club.  They have the absolute best rotisserie chicken around and for only $4.99. In LSD the cheapest I can get a rotisserie chicken is at Food Lion for $6.99.  Giant has something they call rotisserie chicken for $8.99.  Talk about a captive market.  

Thus done our shopping we headed home.  As expected, it was stop and go all the way home.  When we arrived at our now mortgage free home, we were both exhausted.  I ate dinner then went to bed at 7:30.  

When I woke up this morning, I was still wiped out so no walk on the boardwalk.  However, I do want to share some images with you from my walk on the boardwalk yesterday.  That's what I love about my daily walk in Rehoboth, there is always something to see.  That and the fresh ocean breezes and people show make it a trip well worth making every day.  Tomorrow I plan to resume my normal life again.

Kitty in the sand by boardwalk

Dove in the sand by the boardwalk - now I know why the cat hangs around the sand

Ron collecting choice pebbles on the beach for my garden (yes, I'm one of those nutty guys)

A dead baby shark left on the beach after the tide rolled out - bouillabaisse anyone?

"Ce-Ce", a little visitor (Pom) to the boardwalk - I used to have one of these 

See you all tomorrow everyone.  My new life begins anew!  There is a happy guy here!


  1. Ron,

    Suburu Service Center? Looks more like the Volkswagen Service Center that just happens to do other foreign cars on the side.

    It must be nice to not have a mortgage. When WTC tossed me we had to finally refinance to get by. Wasn't much of a problem until this year. This past year and a half has killed us financially and if things don't soon improve it will be a problem.

    Maybe we'll have to move into your spare room.


  2. Lar,

    Yes, it does feel very nice not to have a $100,000 mortgage hanging over my head until I was 96 years old. I was able to refinance it earlier this year down to $50,000. However, I still had a $50,000 mortgage until I was 98 years old! Mom left me and my brothers some money. With that I was able to pay off my mortgage. It is a BIG relief because without my job at the Inn, it was tight making the payments. I wasn't planning on working at the Inn until my 90's either (nor 80's.)

    I hope your situation turns around. It is a big relief not to have a mortgage.


  3. Lar,

    Yes, that is the Dover Volkswagen/Subaru Service Center. It is by far an away the best auto service center I've ever experienced. I'm liking just about everything with Delaware!



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