Saturday, October 30, 2010

37 Things About Myself

  1. I descend from English stock.  My paternal line has been in North America over 9 generations (1690) and my maternal line 5 generations (1850.)  I am thoroughly WASP (Baptist and Quaker.) 
  2. I am the oldest of three brothers.  I am the shortest in height (6'3") and the lightest in weight (160). I can still whip my brothers.
  3. Both parents are deceased  I never saw them argue but there were periods of silence (how my Mother let my Father knew she was upset.)
  4. I collect a lot of things.  In fact I'm a border line hoarder.  
  5. I love paintings of ships on the ocean.
  6. I hate sea food.  Sea food reminds me of what washes up on the beach after the tide goes out.
  7. Tea is my drink.  Turkey Hill Diet Decaf Orange tea, diluted half with water.  I will (and have) travel for miles to restock.
  8. I try to walk every day.  I love to walk.  Walking is my TM.  Plus, it keeps me trim and fit.
  9. My favorite singer of all time is Dinah Washington.  No one else comes close. I love her.
  10. My favorite actress of all time is Hedy Lamarr.  I consider her the most beautiful woman ever to grace the surface of the silver screen.  Many years later I discovered we had the same birthday, November 9th.  Spiro Agnew also has the same birthday.
  11. I joined the Army when I was 18 years old.  It was the best decision of my life.  I would have stayed in if I wasn't gay.  I loved being in the Army.
  12. I was the first in my family to graduate from college.  I got an associate degree in business management from Peirce Junior College on the GI bill.  Neither one of my parents finished high school.
  13. My work career was in bank trust operations.  I could reconcile any account balance and get trust remittances mailed on time.  My legend continues to live on long after I retired.
  14. I work now part-time as a hotel front desk clerk.  I love my job.  I get to meet all kinds of cool people and provide top notch customer service.  Every day is an adventure.
  15. I lived most of my life in and around southeastern Pennsylvania.  I now live in southern Delaware because I can no longer afford the high taxes in Pennsylvania.  Plus, I always wanted to live near the water which I do now.
  16. I take medicine for prostate and one baby aspirin a day.  Occasionally I take an allergy pill when the pollen account is high.
  17. I smoked cigarettes for six years (Marlboro flip top box.)  I quit July 15, 1967 because the price jumped from 30 cents a pack to 35 cents a pack.  Plus, I didn't like the cough I was developing.
  18. I smoked marijuana three times in the late 70's.  Didn't like it.  Never tried any other drugs. 
  19. When I make a mistake I try not to repeat it but instead learn from my mistakes.
  20. I love to read.  Biographies, histories and current events.
  21. I am a political junkie.  I used to be a conservative Republican until the 1992 Republican convention in Houston Texas.  Pat Buchanan gave a speech in which he compared homosexuality with deviant crimes.  When I saw the white, clean cut audience cheering him on I realized that I was in the wrong political party.  I am gay.
  22. I am in a long term relationship with my partner Bill since 1964.  He is Irish.  We frequently clash but we love one another in spite of our many differences.  I will never live with another person.
  23. I love cats.  I don't have a cat because my partner Bill doesn't like cats.  
  24. I love Pomeranian dogs.  We have had five of them but can have no more.  Bill couldn't take another death of one of these loyal and devoted companions.
  25. I am not mechanically inclined.  Bill is.
  26. I love to cook, Bill doesn't.
  27. I love to garden, Bill doesn't.
  28. I take care of running the household, Bill hates that  He fixes things when they break.  I can't.  
  29. My favorite dish of all time, eggplant parmesan.  
  30. I have a sweet tooth but I don't eat candy.  However, I do permit myself one indulgent dessert daily, usually before bedtime.
  31. Since childhood I have had a lack of self confidence.  I've grown much better as I matured but way down deep there is still that feeling that I'm not good enough.  
  32. I love to write.  When I was a teenager I had over 57 pen pals.  I discovered blogging in 2006 and haven't looked back since.  Blogging is part of my life.  I would be lost without it.
  33. Some of my favorite things - rainy days, cold windy January days (while I'm snuggled in the house), BBC Masterpiece Theatre DVD's, clocks (just ask Bill), pens, genealogy research, photography (ask anyone - I always have a camera bag around my neck), dining out with friends (which is rare because most of my friends are either too poor to dine out or else don't dine with me because I bore them), Fritos Blazing chips, and anything spicy.  I love to spice up my food.
  34. I'm usually easy going but I do have a fearful temper if riled enough.  You don't want to be around when that happens because it will change your opinion of the Easy Going Ron. It is truly a fearful thing to see.  
  35. I would like to visit England and my ancestral roots before I die.  The only time I was out of the country was a short trip to Canada in the early Sixties.
  36. I have no patience for rude people; inconsiderate drivers who don't use turn signals, keep their high beams up and use cell phones, and people who are dishonest with me.  
  37. I am naive.  


  1. Hey, Ron,

    I guess sex does (or at least the expectation of it) sells. The number of my hits on the "Drinking of Elder Men" Blog spiked up by 86% on my post titled, "There is Nudity in this Post". I guess there were a bunch of disappointed people. But my next post is up 21% so maybe some liked my style or they are supporters of a no clothes movement. LOL


  2. Lar,
    The most popular blog posting I ever had was the one on why I quit my census job. I'm still getting hits on that one even though it was over a year ago. You're right, sex sells. My next popular posting was "My First Time." I'm still getting hits on that one too.

  3. Great list - but why 37? Is it a significant number, or did you just run out of things?

    I remember the 101 post I did took several weeks to compile

  4. Kim,

    37 is a lucky number for me. I have a lot more "things about me" that I could list. I haven't read your list. I will.


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