Thursday, October 21, 2010

Still Hurting

Jim, Bob and Me - Old Guys With Problems - still smiling

Slowly I am making a recovery.  I am still experiencing a lot of pain, especially after typing or using my right hand for anything.  I'll tell you one thing, I have a new appreciation of using both limbs.

I am right handed.  When I fell I automatically put out my right arm to brace myself (from preventing from falling in the glass door).  That was a mistake.  I should have let my full body weight fall.  But then I may have injured something else, like my collar bone.

On the first day of my injury I couldn't even lift my right arm.  I could put no pressure on it at all.  Which meant that I couldn't brush my teeth, peel a potato, or even use a knife to cut a piece of meat.  I had to learn to take a shower and wash myself with my left hand.  Even going to the bathroom was a problem.  I know, TMI but going to the bathroom and "taking care of business" was even difficult if not impossible.

Since Sunday I have been spending most of my time in bed reading, watching TV and sleeping.  Time is what will heal my arm.

I went to the doctor on Tuesday and she suggested that I have my arm X-rayed, which I did.  Yesterday she said there were "questions" about the X-ray (whatever that means).  She said the orthopedic unit of the hospital would be calling me.  They haven't called yet.  I called the doctor's office today but no one was answering the phone, all five times that I called.

Each day my arm is a little less sore but it is still very painful and I still can't put any pressure on it at all.  I cannot drive because I get shooting pains up my forearm when I make a left hand turn.  Those shooting pains (like an electric shock) are so painful that it distracts my attention from driving.  As a matter of fact, just this little bit of typing is causing ever increasing pain so I'm going to bring this posting to a close now.

Oh, just a note on the picture of the entrance to the American Legion Post 28, no Mark, that wasn't my car in the handicapped parking spot.  I almost always park far away from any entrance mainly to protect my car from dings (which I got one anyway) and for the exercise.  I'm not one of these people who abuses the handicap parking slot.  In fact, the people who do abuse that privilege is one of my pet peeves.

The picture on this blog is of me and my friends Jim and Bob who stopped over for a visit today.  I'm glad they stopped over because it took my mind off of feeling sorry for myself.

I am really looking forward to getting back got normal.  This is the first time in my life I ever injured my arm.  It has caused me to realize how fortunate I am to have both limbs that work.  I will never take them for granted again.  

Now that I'm hurting big time again I will end.


Ron said...

Just got a call from the doctor. The orthopedic unit wants to see me. Something to do with an "irregularity of the radii" whatever that is. Sounds like fun. Oh well, at least I didn't break my arm. I hope this isn't worse.

Liberty and In Dependence said...

Good luck, Ron. I hope you are feeling better soon.

nitewrit said...


The radius is one of the two bones in the forearm, the other is the ulna. The radius is the one that connects to the wrist on the thumb side of the hand and is the most common bone broken in a fall.

I don't know what an "irregularity" would be.

Anyway, I am glad you are getting care and hopefully it will only be a minor sprain or strain.

I fell off my bike as a kid and sprined my arm. It hurt like anything and I couldn't even bend my arm for awhile. It got better over time. It was a pain (literally and figuratively) but no harm done once the sprain healed.

I'll be wishing you good luck.


Mark said...

"When it rains, it pours".

I can tell from the amount of typing that you are feeling a tad better. That's good! Thanks to you, I will now start to appreciate both of my arms especially as I'm typing right now. I would totally stop blogging if I lost one. Fred wouldn't help me with that at all.

And thanks for clarifying the handicap parking thing. It did seem a little odd that you would walk miles a day and then park at the entrance. That bothers me too. Before my Sister went into a nursing home, we had to carry and wheel her around everywhere. It was no fun going to a shopping center and see fat and lazy people just "hogging" up those spaces.

Get some more rest.
Your Friend, m.

Ron said...

People taking advantage of handicap parking is one of my pet peeves Mark. Almost everyone I see parking in handicap parking isn't handicapped including some of my acquaintances who should know better. Now my Mother was truly handicapped (she could barely walk) but she would never consent to getting a handicapped parking pass. We always dropped her off near the door until she got too bad then we would take her by walker or wheel chair.
I always park far from the entrance to anywhere I go. It drives Bill crazy. I tell him "But it is good exercise plus I don't have to worry about someone putting a ding in my car door." He remains unconvinced and will circle the parking lot until he gets a slot near the entrance but he also feels the same way about people taking advantage of handicapped parking. He's confronted the abusers on several occasions.

The arm is hurting again. I do have something wrong with my forearm. My appointment with the orthopedic unit is next Tuesday. I'm looking forward to it because I want to get back to normal. This sucks.

nitewrit said...

That sounds encouraging actually that your appointment is Tuesday. If you had something serious they probably would have seen you right away.

The sling was a good idea.


Ron said...


I'm pretty sure I just have a bad sprain. My thumb works fine and there is no pain there. The pain is in my forearm, especially after I type awhile.
Each day it does get better but there is still a lot of pain. The sling helped out a lot today. I"ll have to put it back on as soon as I'm done here because all the sprain type pain is coming back.
I've don'e pretty good in my life because this is the first time I ever hurt my arm but this isn't the first time I've fallen. I'll be a lot more careful in the future because this really sucks.

Ron said...

Thank you Liberty. I am looking forward to getting back to normal. I have a new appreciation now of good health and those who are handicapped. This really sucks.

Ur-spo said...

use this as an opportunity to develop L handed skills?
oh well, it was worth a try !

Ron said...

You're right Lar. I don't think I broke anything or fractured a bone or else I would be in serious pain. I'm hurting but I can handle this, especially with the sling that takes a lot of pressure off of my arm.

Ron said...

I had to develop some left hand skills, I had no choice. But it's still awkward. I prefer right hand (of course.) What really holds me back by not using my right hand is typing, writing long hand (which I do a lot) and driving. At least I can use my right hand somewhat now, even though it is very painful. Healing takes awhile.