Thursday, October 07, 2010

A Sense of Purpose

Dogs on the beach this morning

This morning I resumed my early morning visit to the boardwalk in Rehoboth.

I didn't go yesterday and my day was all out of whack.  

I had this brilliant idea that I would save gas and mileage on my car as well as reduce my risk for being in and accident by not going to the boardwalk every morning.  I was wrong.

So this is my new routine which I began in August when I got my new car, a Subaru Forester.

I go to the boardwalk before the sun comes up.  I walk the length of the boardwalk four times which is a total of four miles.  

The benefits are thus:

  1. I'm getting my daily cardiovascular workout (also known as exercise)
  2. I lose that roll around my middle (approximately five pounds of flab)
  3. I breath in the fresh ocean air
  4. I observe the Daily Show of the other denizens of the early morning boardwalk routine
  5. I clear my mind for transcendental mediation (I do my TM on the hoof)
  6. I take a lot of cool pictures
  7. I might meet Somebody (only women so far, darn it)
  8. It gives structure to my day - everything else I do during the day works better with this start
  9. I am one with Mother Nature
  10. I do some major People Watching
I measured the miles it takes from my home to where I park at the North end of the boardwalk.  To my surprise it is eleven miles one way.  I thought it was about six miles.  So I'm making a twenty-two mile round trip every morning.  No wonder I'm always filling up my tank with gas every third day.  

This is a small price to pay for the sense of purpose that I get every day now by going down to Rehoboth every morning and walking the boards.  

I love my life now.

Me by Lake Gerar this morning

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