Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Madness Continues

The injured hand

So I go to the Orthopedics Associates for my appointment today at 2:20.  They tell me it is for NEXT TUESDAY, November 2nd.  That would be Election Day.

I am going to see Dr. Otter to go over the results an X-ray I had taken of my injured arm on October 19th, or my fall on October 17th.  TWO WEEKS LATER.

Then I have to go back to my original doctor for what I don't know.  I stopped there on the way back and asked why.  Sandi, the person in the office said "Well, not unless you want to.  We really can't do anything for you. Dr. Otter has the facilities to read the X-ray, we don't."  

You know what I'm thinking?  I'm thinking I would have done just as well to see a doctor when I was at the VA yesterday.  All this talk about a Single Payer System and government takeover of health care....I'll tell you one thing right now.  I get the BEST HEALTH CARE from the VA without all this bullshit.

So I'm using my private health care for an arm injury.  First I go to my doctor.  She sends me to Beebe Medical Campus to get an X-ray.  Then I have to go to the Orthopedic Unit to have the X-ray read.  Then I have to go back to the doctor.  I'M WAITING TWO WEEKS TO HAVE MY X-RAY READ.  Does that make ANY SENSE?  

In the meantime, my supplemental insurance has risen from $117.32 to $136.56 in a little over a year.  It was $117, then $120, then $126, then $130, now it's $136.  I also pay over a $100 a month for Medicare Part B.  So what am I getting for my money?  Basically insurance for an emergency room visit.  I'm not getting timely medical care.  

Last year I tried to see a dermatologist through my private insurance.  This was in May.  I was told the earliest I could get an appointment was DECEMBER!   That's when I decided to go back to the VA even though it requires a trip on the American Legion Van to the 89 miles to the Wilmington VAMC.  I saw the dermatologist yesterday at the VA.  They are from Thomas Jefferson University.  One of the top hospitals in the country for dermatology.  

If the Republicans get in power and have their way they will privatize the VA.  Then everything will be screwed up.  EVERYTHING.  

I'm glad I'm old and I won't have to put up with this crap much longer.  

What a joke.


  1. Ron,

    You have certainly been having a bad week. I, of course, gave up on Verizon years ago for the difficulty in reaching a "real" person and their inability to fix problems quickly and correctly.

    This doctor situation is ridiculous. If you have something wrong orthopedically it should be addressed as near to the occurrence as possible. It is worthless to have this long between the accident, the x-ray and the diagnosis with the doctor. Good grief, if there is something wrong leaving it go can lead to worse problems. The doctor showing no immediacy tells me this may be nothing more than a strain or a sprain, which home care will cure with time, but the doctor is fee-garnering. By the time you get to see him or her you might be healed anyway.

    Hopefully all this will be just Blog-fodder soon. My son has a satellite radio in his car. He installed it himself. It did not seem to be difficult to do at all. Good luck.


  2. Lar,

    You're right that I probably just have a bad sprain. It is getting better and probably will be almost all better by the time I see the orthopedic doctor next Tuesday. It is ridiculous though that I should have to wait this long for the results of the X-ray. I will ask the doctor that very question when I see him next Tuesday but I doubt if it will do much good. He will probably get offended just as the assistant did in my doctor's office when I questioned why I had to go in and see her again when I didn't even have the results of my X-ray.

    As far as the satellite radio in my car, I have one in the car now and it is hooked up though the cigarette lighter. I want it hooked up though the main frame of the car so the station is displayed and I can take advantage of the built in antenna on the car instead of the wired one I have hooked on the roof with a magnet.

  3. Ron,

    So what if the doctor gets offended? You have every right to know what is what with your body. If he acts high and mighty about do what I have done with doctors who do. Go get a new doctor.

    Okay, a bit more complicated radio system.


  4. Lar,

    I don't care if I offend the doctor. What I'm going to ask him is how would he react if he hurt his arm and then was told it would take two weeks until he could see a doctor to go over the results of the X-ray. I really don't care if I offend him and I am prepared to see another doctor (the VA) if he takes offense. At my age I have little patience (no pun intended) with this BS.


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