Monday, October 04, 2010

What Do You Do on a Rainy Day?

What do you do on a rainy day in southern Delaware?  You have lunch at a fabulous Mexican restaurant in Millsboro, Delaware called La Quezalteca.

La Quezalteca is located at the corner of Rts. 24 and 30 in the beautiful farm country of Sussex County, Delaware.

No fighting congested Rehoboth Beach traffic to get to this restaurant.

No paying inflated Rehoboth Beach prices to dine at this restaurant.

Dine on meals made with freshly made ingredients.  You won't see Sysco trucks in the early morning dawn at this restaurant.  All fresh ingredients are used.

The waiter delivers the hot plates with gloves.  Never a cold plate that has been sitting for five or ten minutes cooling down while the waiter (or waitress) tries to deal with the demanding summertime touristas.

And the best thing is having a relaxing meal with friends and not feeling rush to get out and make room for the next diners.  

Today I met my friends Paul, Jack, Jim and Bob for lunch.  We're all older now and some of us have serious medical issues but we can still get together and enjoy each other's company, catch up on the latest gossip, and exchange in some gentle teasing.  

It will take a lot more than a rainy day to dampen our enthusiasm for enjoying the pleasures of retirement.  Today was such a day. 

A nice lunch with the camaraderie of friends.  That's what it's all about.


  1. That is some big picture on my blog. I don't know how I did it but there it is. Enjoy!

  2. Good for you all!
    "Having lunch" with chums will give every one who goes a better, longer, healthier life...unless you keep getting the fries.

  3. Oh no Spo, I always get fries. That's one of the reasons I go out. I don't cook them at home. Love those fries!


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