Monday, October 25, 2010

Internet Connection Blues

Stay cool Ron, stay cool.

Hey folks, I keep losing my Internet connection. 

Thank you very much Verizon.

Here's my choice, Verizon or Comcast.  Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. They both suck.

Bear with me.  The new modem will arrive in two days.  If that doesn't work then I will dump Verizon and go back to Comcast.  I hate Comcast.


  1. General Electric just sold their "huge" part ownership of Universal Studios to Comcast. No one here is happy about that. Our cable co. is Time Warner and they are great.

  2. how frustrating!

  3. Mike,

    Comcast is horrible. They are too expensive and their customer service is atrocious. They're arrogant, pushy and dismissive. They suck you in with low intro fees then they start unbundling the fees. Next thing you know you're paying a huge bill for what? They're too used to being the only game in town. They need competition. However, I may have no choice because my Internet connection is so slow with Verizon and I can't get any satisfaction with them. They're unreliable.

  4. Yes Spo, it is very frustrating. Do you have a good Internet connection? I used to have a good one in PA when I had Verizon FIOS. Unfortunately, since I moved to LSD I'm stuck with lousy service and Internet connection speed.


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