Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Back on the Boards

Finally, I was able to get to the boardwalk in Rehoboth to do my daily walk this morning.

The skies were still overcast but the misty rains were gone.

I didn't have much company on the boardwalk this morning.  Perhaps three or four other hardy souls like me, senior citizens all.  Gone, gone, gone are the summertime visitors that I refer to (in the kindest way of course) as "touristas."

My legs felt real good after my four mile walk.

During my several absence of several days because of the rains, I've gained two pounds, from 156 to 158.  Wow, it doesn't take long to put on the pounds.

As I was ending my walk this morning I felt like I wasn't alone after all.

 Ah yes, a kitty in the grass was watching me.


Ur-spo said...

cats in the grass Are up to no good, that's for certain!

nitewrit said...


Methinks one more day of dim skies and wet walks. Hopefully we will son have those crisp autumn mornings to trudge through, framing our colorful thoughts with colorful leaves.


Ron said...

I know everyone says "We needed the rain" but come on. Some sunny skies are needed. I'm starting to really get bummed out.

Ron said...

Again, you're right on the mark. That kitty is up to no good in the grass. That's where the young birds hang out.