Saturday, May 30, 2009

Then There Were None Left

The bluebird box is now empty. It only took one more day until the lone remaining baby bluebird took the plunge and left the bluebird box. Bill said he thinks he saw it on the neighbor's screen in porch roof, along with its brothers and sisters.

I cleaned out the nesting in the box and washed it down with hot water to kill the mites. I left the door open several hours for it to dry out. Now the box is ready for the next batch. Bill says he has already seen one of the adult bluebirds chase away other birds from the box. By this time next week I predict the bluebirds will have a new nest built in the box in preparation for the next batch of baby bluebirds.

I have three bluebird boxes in my back yard but this is the only bluebird box that is used by the bluebirds. The two other bluebird boxes are empty. I'm looking forward to the day when all three bluebird boxes are producing baby bluebirds. There is nothing like the feeling of seeing bluebirds in your back yard, flying around with sun shining off of their iridescent blue feathered wings. I'll take that experience any day over fighting the traffic on Route 1 to get to Rehoboth Beach to feed a parking meter and then lay on the beach and bake in the sun.


  1. You are such a good steward of our feathered friends and I salute you for that. I also thank you for your wonderful photos documenting the development of the chicks.
    It gives my heart a real boost.

  2. I cleaned out the bluebird box today. I poured hot water in to kill the mites that were still in the box. I left the box open to dry out. After I closed it I noticed that damn sparrow trying to take up residence. The bluebird came and fought it off. I couldn't believe that damn sparrow is trying to nest in that bluebird box. I have two other boxes that the bluebirds don't nest in. Does that sparrow want those boxes? Oh no. Well, he/she is fighting a losing battle.


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