Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Lapse of Judgement

Yesterday I had a lapse of judgement. I posted a blog about my experience yesterday with my longtime friend who is apparently in the beginning stages of dementia. I should have made that posting. It is one thing to post about my personal situation. However, it is quite another to post about someone else's situation and identify them. I was wrong to do that. Thank goodness a good friend of mine brought that to my attention this morning.

After I had done that posting yesterday a little voice on my shoulder said "You might have went to far with this posting. This is personal information about someone else and you should respect their privacy." However, I ignored that little voice in my quest to have all my blog postings honest about my life and my relationships. I was wrong in that justification. I have since deleted that blog posting.

If I ever refer to my friend's situation again I will not identify him by name or picture. I don't know what happened to my moral compass yesterday because I have not posted about four other friends who have developed cancer nor will I. That is personal information and I will respect their privacy. I may refer to their situations only in the abstract such as I don't understand why the nicest people I know seem to get cancer. I know some really nice people and I've known some not so nice people. It seems that the not so nice people live forever (not that I wish them any ill will.)

Again, I deserve the dunce cap the second time in one week.


  1. Ron, dont be so hard on yourself. I dont have a blog but I find that I sometimes get too caught up in the comments I leave. I beleive you just wanted us, {"the people out there in the dark"}, Norma Desmond. To think positive, and hope he will be fine. You care about him so much that is what is most important. I thing your hat should be a Fedora. Nuff said, Mike s.c. ca. Oh, check out my profile, it's a work in progress. Some day I might even post a picture of myself in my 50's.

  2. Mike,
    I got carried away with the story. I should never have put his name or his picture on my blog. I am very saddened to see my good friend deteriorate this way. A mutual friend of our suggested to me this morning that perhaps I probably "went over the line." I did. He said there are others who read my blog that know both of us and my friend would be embarrassed if I was putting out this kind of information about him. We all know what's happening to him but it should be kept private. Of course he's right.

  3. Mike,

    I just checked out your profile. Your hobbies of gardening and cooking, same here! I also like to take digital picture and love to read a good book. I like to get together with friends for a nice meal at a restaurant, althought that's hard to come by down here in Lower Slower.

    BTW, I need to see a picture of your Significant Other. Mine won't let me take his picture any more. That's what happens when you turn 80. I'm closing in on 70. Those good pictures are getting harder and harder to come by!

    I'm glad you're happy everyday. That is so important. Life is so short and fragile. Take nothing for granted. Live for the moment!

  4. I will send you a photo of us. Glenn once was a shutter bug. We have hundreds of slides. We are scnning all or old photos, and next, the slides. I must send you a photo of my 8 foot Hollyhock. They are just huge this year. By the way, I did'nt say I was happy every day, I just never have a bad day. Its a Polly Anna concept. At the end of the day I find something good about it, and I am glad. Later, Mike, s.c. ca

  5. I like your outlook on life. I always find something good. Especially now that my days are getting shorter. Too many of my friends are sick or have died. I value each day of good health. By the way, I love hollyhocks! Looking forward to seeing your pictures.


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