Friday, May 01, 2009

Swine Flu

"The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" So said Chicken Little. The current "end of the world as we know it" cable news ratings grabber is the Swine Flu pandemic. Wolf Blitzer of CNN and all the other overpaid talking heads of cable news are like vampires sucking on the blood of fear of the public by screaming about a new strain of the flu virus called "Swine flu." Ah yes, cable news. Where would they be without the Scott Petersons, Caylee Anthonys, Natalie Holloways, Anna Nicole Smiths, Mad Cow Disease and the previous "end of the world" flu scare, the Avian Flu? Always good for ratings. Never mind that over 30,000 people die annually from regular flu every year in the United States.

A good example of how truly stupid people and government officials are, Egypt has ordered the slaughter of its roughly 300,000 pigs in their country even though the Swine flu cannot be passed from pig to human. This is the usual government response to any flu scare, KILL ALL THE ANIMALS! Hey, I have an idea, instead of wearing those stupid masks, how about washing your hands? How about employing normal hygiene habits? Oh no, kill all the pigs.

Remember back to the big Avian flu scare? Many countries killed all their fowl. At first they euthanized them. Then, when that got too troublesome, they didn't even bother killing them first. Instead they would bag up the chickens, throw them in a pit and burn them, alive. I still remember clearly seeing a Romanian farmer stuffing life geese in metal bins, wings a flapping, and throwing a match in to burn them alive. Of course the news cameras were they to catch the "action" to record it and play it over and over again on the world's news outlets, thus ramping up the fear.

This is not to minimize that catching the flu is serious business. But where our world's news organizations go off the track is the hyped up fear that is way overblown. And for what reason do they do this? Ratings. Higher ratings. More money. Money is always the root.

The government doesn't know how to act. Witness how our government reacted when Richard Reid, the "Shoe Bomber" attempted to bring down a trans Atlantic flight with an explosive device in his shoes. Now everyone who attempts to board a flight in the United States has to remove their shoe for examination. Just how stupid is this? How many potential shoe bombers has this practice caught? Uh, how about NONE?

So here we go again folks. Hope on the Roller Coaster of Fear hosted by Wolf Blitzer. "The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling! We're all going to die!" Yes, we are all going to die but it won't be from the Swine flu.

In the meantime watch countries like Egypt further destitute it's poor by destroying their only livelihood, pig farming. Sometimes you have to wonder, has mankind progressed all that far since the days of the Black Death when they dumped garbage and human waste into the streets and couldn't figure out that the Black Death was caused by fleas on the rodents who feasted on the unsanitary conditions created by humans? Sad to say but the answer is "No." Common sense sanitary practices will minimize and eliminated pandemics like the flu and other infectious diseases. How much of that do you hear on the news? Very little. That's not a ratings grabber is it Wolf?

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