Sunday, May 03, 2009

Susan Boyle, an Antidote for our Times

I love Susan Boyle! I too am a believer in life and its possibilities and what Susan did that night at "Britain's Got Talent!" demonstrated so clearly as nothing else could that we all matter. With her talent and personality she rolled over any objections to her physical appearance and social status to the cynical audience that she bravely faced that night. Her personality, even more than her talent (which is considerable) was what really won over the audience and her millions of followers. Susan is the best antidote for these difficult times. God bless her and I hope she is around a long, long time to share her beauty with us, the Les Misérables.

Yes, I know I've already written a blog post about Susan. I will probably write more blog posts about this extraordinary woman who came out of nowhere and stunned the world with her angelic voice and plucky personality. I'm not a religious person by any means but sometimes when things like this happen, I have to wonder. Susan is no picture of Jesus Christ in a French toast for the faithful to make pilgrimages to seeking healing for their bodies and absolution for their souls. Susan represents something much more important than the superstition and mumbo jumbo of much of religion. Susan reinforces our belief in ourselves. A belief that any one of us from the humblest roots can overcome the forces of mockery and cynicism by having the courage to confront those negative barriers to a better life.

What is really unique about Susan is that she overcame the mockery and cynicism not by lowering herself to use the same tactics against those who mocked and ridiculed her but by her own innate grace and good humor. We can all learn something from Susan. And that is not to judge a person by their appearance or social standing. Susan taught us all how the pure beauty of her voice and personality quickly changed our perception of what many of us viewed as a frumpy unattractive middle aged woman to a beautiful woman who is loved by millions around the world.

It matters not if she wins (or doesn't) the "Britain's Got Talent!" contest. Susan Boyle is already a much loved world personality. With so much evil in the world today, it is so refreshing to see someone like Susan Boyle enter the world stage. She makes us all feel good. My only regret is that we didn't find her until now. But again, maybe there is a reason. Perhaps there are forces greater than we know who have bestowed the gift of Susan Boyle to us. All I know is that I smile and feel good all over whenever I hear her sing. The world is a better place now that we know Susan Boyle. May you have a long and happy life Susan, giving us the privilege of hearing your beautiful voice and soul. I love you Susan!


Anonymous said...

Ah, Susan Boyle, you said it all Ron!

Thanks for sharing your cake recipe. I'm going to make it the end of the month for my son's birthday...can't wait. In all my years of cooking I've never made a cake with cake flour. Just regular flour or with a cake mix. It will be interesting to see if this type of flour makes a difference in the texture.

Aren't you are glad you're working with the kind of weather we're having? My husband is finishing his garden between the drops. Each year it gets bigger & bigger but he loves to share the vegetables with family & friends. This year he started a square ft. garden. The concept is very simple especially for anyone with little time or the retired.
Check it out online! Again it's called "square foot gardening." One of the bonuses is there is almost no weeding!

Have a great week!


Ron Tipton said...

I didn't think cake flour would make much difference but it does. The cake is lighter and has a finer texture. At least in the buttermilk chocolate cake recipe it does.

I just love Susan Boyle! I can see and listen to her singing again and again. She gives me a wonderful feeling. She's one of these people who bring out the best in me.

Some weather we're having isn't it? I know what you mean by square foot gardening. That's what I do. I'm adding two more raised beds this year. Tending to the raised beds is very relaxing for me. And there is nothing like the taste of your own home grown vegetables. I'm glad your husband found this rewarding past time. I bet your neighbors are too! I'm off to work now.