Saturday, May 09, 2009

Baby Blue Birds

The baby blue bird eggs have hatched. All five of them. This is the second year the blue birds have nested in on of the three blue bird boxes I have bordering my backyard. It is the same box they nested in last year. They raised two batches of baby blue birds, five at a time, last year. They don't nest in the other two boxes. Occasionally the sparrows build make a half hearted effort to build a nest in the other blue bird houses but don't follow through. They prefer one of the apartments in the Purple Martin house. And that isn't happening no matter how many times they build their nest. But that is a subject for another blog.

This morning Bill and I visited the East Coast Garden Center near Millsboro on Rt. 24. I saw a pair of perfect rhododendron plants which I prompty purchased. I brought them back and planted them on the north side of our house, which gets some sun, but not a lot of sun which is what rhododendron plants prefer. Now that side of our house is complete. The pink of the rhododendron plants will perfectly compliment the cream color of the house.

It is humid this morning so I had to take a shower after I was done. I'm going to work this afternoon and the next three days. Yes, another marathon work schedule. Normally I work Mondays only but this weekend I'm filling in for Monica who wants to spend more time with her son before he ships off to Iraq next week. On Tuesday my co-workers Bob leaves for his first trip to Ireland. I would have liked to visit my Mother this Mother's Day weekend but that will have to wait until maybe next week.

I am so glad the baby blue birds have hatched. Now the summer season is official.


  1. They appear to be the blue birds of happiness. Thar is nice. Mike, Studio city

  2. Last year was my first for the bluebird box. The bluebirds raised two batches of baby bluebirds. It was wonderful to watch them mature and take off on their own. It only takes about a month for the full cycle of laying the eggs until they take wing. One thing that is very interesting about the baby bluebirds, they make no noise at all. Unlike the baby sparrows who make a big racket. I guess because of all the potential predators, the baby bluebirds have learn to keep quiet lest they be discovered.

  3. Nice picture of the baby bluebirds, Ron! Wonder why the bluebirds don't nest in the other two boxes you have, especially since you've raised several batches.

    Thanks for all your recent visits to my blog!

  4. Dave,
    I don't know why the bluebirds haven't nested in the other two boxes. Maybe those boxes are facing a direction that the bluebirds don't prefer. Or maybe it was because last year and this year sparrows have nested in those boxes. I have taken the sparrow nests out of course.

    It is interesting that the one bluebird box that the bluebirds do use is guarded by the biggest bluebird I've ever seen. I guess they're serious about this box. I hope to have two batches raised again in this box.

    Thank you for posting a blog about the bluebirds. I enjoy reading your blog.


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