Monday, June 01, 2009

Beautiful Delaware

Oh how I love living in southern Delaware! Today is a gorgeous clear day in Sussex County. Bill and I returned a short time ago from The Home Depot. We purchased more lumber to build two more raised flower beds that I will put on the back border of our property. Last year we built six of them and they are performing fabulously this year. Since there were two more openings, we decided to fill them.

Yesterday I made another visit to Peppers, a local garden nursery. I am doing my best to stimulate the economy here in the Milton/Lewes area by making thoughtful purchases at the local nurseries and home improvement centers. I know, I know; it's hard work but someone has to do it. I am more than willing to step up to the plate and do my bit. I will spend whatever it takes (as long as my money lasts) until I get this economy back on its feet.

Our backyard is thriving. Yesterday I cleaned out the last of the house sparrow nests from the Purple Martin house. There were two eggs in the sparrow nest. I took the nesting material and eggs and placed them at the end of the road with the overgrown shrubbery from a lot of a former house that borders our property. There is almost enough house sparrow nesting back there to make a bale of hay. My Taliban house sparrows are a determined bunch but they didn't succeed in raising any of their young on my property this year.

After this post I'm going to take a little walk on this absolutely beautiful day then come back and have some lunch, take a nap and go to work at the hotel. Yes, today is a work day. I work every Monday 3 to 11 PM. On beautiful days like today I really don't want to go to work but it does pay for the visits to Home Depot and Peppers. It's all a trade off albeit a worthwhile one.

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G said...

Ron, I mean the flowers in the back of your car, Are they day lillies?