Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Seeing the morning sun streaming through my home office window, I knew this first day of Memorial Day weekend was getting off to a good start. After checking my Facebook account and my e-mails, Bill and I got in his Jeep and drove down an almost deserted Route One to Zorba's in Rehoboth Beach for our weekly breakfast. At quarter after seven, we were the second customers in the Greek owned restaurant located next to the Food Lion in the strip mall on Route One. Bill ordered his egg sandwich with double mayonnaise and I ordered my pig snout mush (aka scrapple), one egg over easy, crispy home fries and one English muffin. The waitress informed us that the grill wasn't hot yet so our breakfast might take a little longer. Bill had his regular coffee with three sugars and two creams. I had my usual decaffeinated coffee with 1/3
packet of sugar one cream. After two coffees, our breakfast arrived. It was a good breakfast.

After breakfast Bill wanted to stop at The Home Depot of purchase a pole for the lamp he wants to put up in the back yard. I bought some room deodorizers. My sniffer is very sensitive so I buy a lot of these plug ins that smell up a room. I prefer the Air Wick scented oil light plug ins. I like a home to smell like a garden. Bill says he is glad he doesn't have a sniffer as sensitive as mine. I may be losing all my other senses but my sense of smell is stronger than ever.

After leaving Home Depot I went to the East Coast garden center and purchased (are you sitting down?) more plants! Yes Virginia, I purchased more annuals for planting. The flower bed in front of my house was lacking color if not plants. I needed some hot colors like red, coral, and purple. I purchased some Phlox plants and transplanted them in between the yellow pansies and pink impatiens. Now my front flower bed is complete.

In the afternoon I laid down to do some reading ("The Line of Beauty") and a little nap. Right about 3:30 the doorbell rings. It is our friend Jay. What a pleasant surprise. Bill and I like Jay very much. He was on his way to North Carolina for a week's stay at the family rental. He is staying at a friend's house in Rehoboth and stopped by for a short visit. He will be staying at our place next week on his way back from North Carolina.

We had a pleasant visit then Jay had to leave to see his friend Ed in Rehoboth. I had an idea, why not the three of us (me, Jay and his friend in Rehoboth who also happens to be my friend and former high school classmate.) We decided to go to dinner at the Villa Sorrento in Lewes. Our friend Ed had eaten there before and liked it enough to want to go back.

We arrived at the Villa Sorrento about 6:30. We're told that we should of made a reservation but they could probably take us at 7:00 o'clock. We wait outside the restaurant which is a busy parking lot next to the "Kicken Chicken" take out. Lots of interesting characters going in there including one beauty clad in short shorts and parked in the fire lane. She must have made at least half a dozen trips back and forth to "Kicken Chicken" to show off that big booty of hers. We already saw it once honey. Go home now.

We go back into the Villa Sorrento and are now told it that we will have to wait another 20 minutes. We go back outside and wait. The 20 minutes are up and Ed goes back in and is told we will have to wait some more. Ed had enough. He asked why is it taking so long to sit us? Another woman, possibly one of the owners, saw the commotion (Ed can throw a pretty good scene) comes over and tells Ed that we will be seated shortly. Thus mollified, Ed comes out and tells us "Sometimes the squeaky wheel get the oil." Ed likes cliches almost as much as I do.

What was the problem seating us? I have a suspicion it is because we are three men at a "family restaurant." I noticed several stares when we first entered the restaurant. Let me explain a little background here. The Rehoboth Beach and Lewes area has a heavy gay and lesbian populations. Most gays and lesbians patronize certain restaurants. There is an understanding that we are not welcomed at "family" restaurants. Now it could of been my imagination that we were being discouraged from patronizing this restaurant but I dont' think so. My friend Jay was getting the same vibe.

Finally we were seated, almost an hour and a half after we had arrived, the next phase of the "discouragement" started. Service was very slow. Very. About half the tables were empty now. The waitress returned and we placed our order. Now the next phase of "discouragement" began. Again, maybe it was my imagination but wasn't it taking a long time for our order to arrive? I thought so as did my friend Jay. Ed said they were probably extra busy because of the Memorial Day weekend. I wasn't buying it. Again, about two thirds of the tables were empy now. We were the only all male dining customers in the restaurant. We were still getting the "look" from some of the other restaurant patrons. Again, maybe it was my imagination. Maybe not

The waitress returned and said they were "working" on our order which was two eggplant Parmesans and one manicotti. How hard could it be? After almost an hour our order arrive. The waitress said the kitchen fell behind fulfilling takeout orders. Again, I wasn't buying this explanation. There were just too many delays and things happening to discourage us from eating at this establishment. Simply put, our dining experience wasn't passing the Duck Test. You know, "If it looks like a duck, walks like and duck, and sounds like a's a duck!" We saw a lot of duck talking and walking this evening.

Folks, the Villa Sorrento didn't pass the Duck Test. Simple as that. I won't return. The food was alright but there were just too many other things happening to discourage us from ever eating there again. I won't go back. The final proof was the hostess and her demeanor as we left. Did she say "Goodbye" or "See you again" or "Please return soon" or even a "Good night."
No, nothing. She said nothing. She just gave us The Look.

Thus my day ended on the sour note of homophobia. Which was shame because this evening was a beautiful summer evening. But, even down here in Gayberry (which is our nickname for the Rehoboth Beach/Lewes/Milton area, homophobia is alive and well. I would like to think this is all my imagination and I'm assuming my favorite position as a martyr. That's what I would like to think. But in my 67 years, I've been around long enough to know when I'm not wanted. And it doesn't feel any better now than it did the first time I encountered homophobia. This is something no straight person will ever understand.


Mike said...

Well, Villa Sucks. Nuff said about those kind. You can never have enough flowering plants in your garden. Our day out on the town went great. Star Trek was better than I expected. We love most anything in outer space. After that we went over to Weat Hollywood to eat at our favorite cafe Tango Grill. I was so happy to see my favorite waiter there. He had left three years ago and had returned recently. He has been with his partner for 23yrs also. That made my day. Scrapple is hog what??? Mike, s.c. ca

Ron Tipton said...

My neighbor is fond of saying "Ron, you have enough flowers in your garden!" And I reply, "Barbara, I can never had enough flowers as long as I have an open space."

I'm glad you enjoyed "Star Trek." I like movies about outer space too. "Star Trek" was one of my favorite series when it was on TV lo those many years ago.

It's always nice to see one of your favorite people return into your life isn't it?

Are you familiar with scrapple? I call it "pig snout mush." Actually, it's all the parts of a pig (ears, nose, tail, etc.) that isn't used otherwise. These "scraps" are placed in a cornmeal mush and fried. I've loved it ever since I was a kid. Have you ever had it?

Mike said...

Ron, I have never heard of that thing called scrapple. I used to love a type of bologna called "head cheese" I swear that is what it is called. It is made up of parts of the pig propably from the head and feet. Sounds gross but I liked the flavor. I never even tasted grits until about 9yrs ago. Did not like it at all and I'm an Okie. Your birds are so beautiful. Mike, s.c. ca

Ron Tipton said...


I grew up on scrapple. Always loved it. Even ate it uncooked. The Philadelphia area was about the only place it was available. It was a pleasant surprise to find out scrapple is also available down here in Lower Slower (Sussex County, Delaware.) Bridgeville, Delaware is the home of Rappa scrapple, a big name in the scrapple world.

I think the "head cheese" (hmmmmm) you're talking about is probably what we called souse meat. It also contained parts of the pig in a clear gelatin. I hated it.

Thank you for your compliments on my birds. They make me so happy.

Mike said...

Yes, souse meat, thats the stuff. Glrnn cant believe I could have ever put that in my mouth. Nuff said bout that. HA! Well I would not mind trying scrapple. Later, Mike,

Ron Tipton said...

The only time I saw souse meat was when I worked at a butcher stand at the Downingtown Farmer's Market in 1957. I never ate it but I had to handle it when I sold it to customers of our stand.

I think you would like scrapple. It is something like polenta but spicer and with a slight pork taste. The "scraps" are so small, you can't see or feel them when you taste them. Some people are put off by the thought of the scraps of pig but think of eggs. An egg is the embryo of a chicken. It's all in our head what we're turned off to or turned on to.