Monday, May 04, 2009

Ominous Feelings

As I've gotten older I've notice a development which scares me. I'll get this ominous feeling that something bad is going to happen. During the Christmas holidays of 2007 I had that feeling. Sure as rain, January 3rd I was stricken with a kidney stone and had to go to the emergency ward. I didn't know what was happening to my body. All I knew was that I was in extreme pain and I wanted it to stop, even if I had to die for it to stop. Even after the kidney stone passed, I still had this ominous feeling. Thus, when the emergency room bill arrived a few weeks later, my feelings of dread were realized.

For about five or six years now whenever I get this feeling of dread, something bad happens. I've discussed this with my sister-in-law. She says she sometimes gets the same feelings. The last two weeks I've had that feeling again. Sure enough, my cousin Bud Tipton called and left a message on my phone last night (while I was at work.) Since I haven't been able to get in touch with my Mother for about a month (she sometimes doesn't answer the phone when she gets in one of her depressive moods), I feared the worst. I called him this morning. He was out but his sister Janet (also my cousin) answered. She told me that her Mom, my Aunt Mabel was taken to the emergency room of the hospital a few weeks ago with a ruptured colon. She underwent an operation in which she was given a 50-50 chance of survival. She survived and is in a nursing home now recovering. She underwent a colostomy procedure. There is a chance that once she recovers this procedure can be reversed.

My aunt is 87 years old. My Mother is 85 years old. Both my Mother and my Aunt Mabel worked for over 20 years in the frozen foods division of Pepperridge Farms. They worked on the layer cake line. Yes, they had a "Lucy and Ethel" thing going at work. Oh the stories they used to tell when their boss used to speed up the line to get more production. Both my Mother and my Aunt went to work after their children had grown and left home. Both are now in their advanced years and not having an easy time adjusting to the infirmities of old age. My Mother is frequently depressed because she can't do what she used to do. My Aunt Mabel was also very active but is now confined to her easy chair because she has bad knees. My Mother has a balance problem and has a very hard time walking. Nobody is getting younger or getting better, including me.

Hopefully I can break out of here and visit my Aunt Mabel and my Mom this week or next week. I won't be able to go this weekend because I'm working at the hotel, covering the front desk for my co-worker whose son is shipping out to Iraq next week. She wants to spend as much time with him and her family before he ships out. I thought my ominous feeling was about him going to Iraq. I hope and pray he will be safe. He's only 18 years old.

Pictured are my Mother and my Aunt Mabel and Mabel's surprise retirement party from Pepperridge Farms. Mabel is faking outrage at my Mother because she kept the surprise retirement a secret from her. Many a good time these two women had in all the years they worked at Pepperridge Farms. A time that has now faded into the past. However, the memories will always remain. When I visit my Mom this week I think I'll get her to tell me one of her layer cake line stories. It doesn't take much to get her started. She loves telling those stories over and over again, especially when the chocolate cakes were going "splat!" on the floor after the conveyor belt was speeded up and the women couldn't keep up with the line. Like I said earlier, Lucy and Ethel all over again.

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