Saturday, May 02, 2009

Thoughts Early Saturday Morning

I'm up way too late. The time right now is 1:12 am, Saturday morning. Usually I don't get on my computer late at night because it leaves my head to busy to go to sleep. But, for some reason I felt like catching up on my Facebook account and e-mails. Tomorrow afternoon I go to work again at the hotel for three straight days. I need the job for the money and to get out of the house to stimulate my brain. No complaints from this quarter about going to work.

This morning Big Bob and I drove to Dover. Bob and I used a dentist in Pennsylvania for over 20 years but all good things must come to an end (I can't help cliches.) Unfortunately for us our dentist and his wife retired last year. Guess where they moved? Yep! Good old Lower Slower (Sussex County, Delaware.) Thus, we were out in the cold again looking for a new dentist. I got lucky and found a good one (actually a couple) through my HMO plan at work. Bob wasn't so lucky. His dentist is drilling holes in his teeth were there were none before. He has the dental version of a bad garage. I suggested that he try my dentist. So, off to Dover we go. That's about 39 miles straight up Route 1. We get there and find the office closed. Uh oh. I forgot, they're closed on Fridays. Big Bob isn't the only retiree who is losing his brain cells. I'm guilty this time.

We stopped in the Chicago Bar and Grill (at my suggestion) for lunch. Again, a Delaware restaurant disappointed me. A big, fat, tastless $10 hamburger. As my friend Wayne says, "Don't expect anything good for under $20 in Delaware." Well, I don't pay $20 for lunch. I would have enjoyed my six pack of Lantz peanut butter crackers (what I usually have on the night shift at the hotel.) I'm becoming convinced that Delaware's restaurant are incapable of serving a decent meal for under $10. The booth and wooden table were nice though.

Am I ever glad I didn't continue with my Census Bureau address canvassing job. The rain today was not conducive to walking around strange neighborhoods trying to Mapspot addresses. Bless their souls the individuals who have the constitution to continue the job. Someone needs to do it. It's not my style to quit but that job would have driven me right into the ground.

I watched a movie I rented from Netflix tonight. It was called "27 Dresses." What a stupid, idiotic movie. I'm usually pretty lenient with movies but this one was miscast and predictable. James Marsden was the male lead. If that actor is straight then I'm straight. Man oh man, not believable at all. This was supposed to be a romantic comedy. I'm in a light mood tonight. I need some laughs. I didn't get it with this movie. I was embarrassed watching it.

It was good to have some time with my friend Big Bob. He said sitting in that booth with the wood table brought back memories of our Army days. Funny, I don't ever remember sitting in a wooden booth with him. But I didn't disagree with him. All I remember is the Formica table tops at the Service Club at Ft. Devens. I never went to a full fledged restaurant until I got out of the Army. My first restaurant experience was at an Italian Restaurant in Philadelphia called DaVinci's. Bill (my life partner) took me there. He ordered veal parmigian for me. I never had veal before in my life (my father didn't believe in eating baby animals, we never had lamb either - I haven't had lamb to this day and never will.) I remember how absolutely delicious that veal parmigian dish was. Scrumptious. A "first" for me. Up until that time the only dining out I had done was with the parents of a friend of mine. We ate at a diner. One of those all aluminum diners of the Fifties. I was mightily impressed then also with the hot dog I got. Oh, the other "dining experience" I had was at Dick Thomas's. Dick Thomas's was a hot dog/milk shake/french fries hangout for the teenagers of my day (the Fifties.) Also mighty good. I didn't have any money when I was a teenager so my dining out experiences were few and far between. In fact, they were almost non-existant. I've since made up for lost time though. In fact, I've become quite satiated with dining out. I prefer my own cooking to dining out these days. If I do dine out, I want to get something that I wouldn't cook at home. Unfortunately, here in southern Delaware, that goal is almost impossible to attain unless I'm willing to put out $30 or $40 for a meal. No one meal is worth that to me.

Time for bed. I have top get up early tomorrow. Bill and I have out weekly breakfast at Zorba's in Rehoboth Beach. For the both of us, the total meal will come to $11.40. Now that's more like it.


  1. Simple lunch, high price. We have cut back on eating out, but we must eat at our favorite Mex. cafe at least. I have your Email address will send soon. Mike, s.c. ca

  2. I don't have a favorite "must eat" place down here (Delaware) yet. Wish I did. My favorite place in PA is the Brickside Grill.

  3. Try a Five Guys burger. There's one near Lewes in the Mariner's Plaza on Rt. 1. Good, freshly made burger for under $10.

  4. Bluehen66,

    Thank you for advising Five Guys burger. I was there once, right after they opened. I remember my hamburger being put on a hot grill (not char-grilled.) I watched the young man press my hamburger with a spatula. Something which you've never supposed to do. Maybe he was new. I've heard a lot of good about Five Guys. Maybe I'll give them another try. I sure would like a reasonably priced hamburger that tastes like a hamburger.


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