Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good Morning Sunshine

What do we have here? Why it looks like the dominant member of the baby bluebird Batch of Five. A short while ago I went out to the bluebird box to take my latest progress picture of the first batch of bluebirds this year and this is what greeted me. Apparently, Skeeziks here figured out this is where the food come in and he (she) is going to be first in line. I dare not open the bluebird box lest this one falls out. Mama bluebird was nearby keeping observing. I think she knows that I am not a threat to her babies.

The Purple Martins are doing fine in their house. The one lower apartment that I had such a devil of a time getting rid of the sparrows is now occupied by a Purple Martin family. Last week when I threw out the sparrow nest; eggs and all. That did the trick. The sparrows have been coming back with decreasing frequency looking in the other apartments for its eggs but no go. This afternoon I checked an apartment on the front of Purple Martin house. I haven't seen any Purple Martin activity up there. I pulled down the birdhouse and checked the apartment. Sure enough it was stuffed to the ceiling with straw, weeds, trash and whatever else the sparrow could find. Out it went. And for good measure I checked the other hanging gourd. Yep. Another sparrow nest. That one went out too. No eggs in either one. They're building new nests as I type this. I'll wait until they lay their eggs then I'll take the whole shebang out. We can fight this battle all summer but there is no way any house sparrow is going to raise their young in any of my birdhouses. Tain't happening.

Today was/is a beautiful sunny day for a change. Rain is forecast for this weekend though. I just returned from Peppers, a local nursery, with geraniums for my container pots. My neighbor put out a beautiful geranium planter this morning. I cannot let that go unchallenged. Yes, we do the lawn thing and we have a friendly competition in container planting. I love living in a neighborhood like this where we can enjoy one another's efforts instead of battling the deer like I did at my home in Pennsylvania.

The waters of unrest continue to roil at work. I can't go into much detail on this blog but I did want to make the point that all is not well at work. Things should come to a head this week. I hope I can continue to work there because I love my job and the people I work with. I'm good at what I do but sometimes that's not enough when other factors come into play to sap one's enthusiasm about going to work. My rule has always been if I dread going to work, then I'm in the wrong job. I hope things work out at work but if not, then that is the way it was meant to be. Life will go on. I have a comfortable and lovely home. I have more than enough to do around here to keep me busy. Of course I wouldn't be making as many trips to Peppers.

Now I'm off to go outside and enjoy some of this late afternoon sun. This is my favorite time of day in the summer. Just me, one with nature. No worries about living up to someone else's unrealistic expectations. This is the way I live my life at this moment in time.


  1. Ron,

    Ut oh, things are roiling the waters where I work too. i sent you an email.


  2. It is really fun that you have a family of bluebirds. Thands to you they should grow into healthy beauties. We have bluebirds here in L.A. ,of course, they love our fountains in the yard. One of the nicest things we have is mocking birds, There are never more than two close by. They sing in the middle os the night. Some times In the middle of the night I will get up and sit and listen to them sing. It is a lovely sound, I feel so at peace. Mike, s.c. ca

  3. I'll find out when I go into work tomorrow morning. I'll let you know.

  4. Mike,

    I love my backyard and all the bird activity. Like you, I feel so at peace when I'm there. It told Bill that having a backyard with the gardens and birds is better than having a pool. In Pennsylvania I had three ponds. I have none down here. That is the one thing I'm missing. Too many herons around here though. The goldfish wouldn't last a day.

    The babybluebirds are growing each day. My DSL was out all day so I'm way behind. Tomorrow I go to work but I'll post an update tomorrow night.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the blog.


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