Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday in Lewes

Five-thirty a.m. arrived early this morning. I like to wake up before my radio alarm goes of. The alarm is alarming. Not a good way to start the day.

Usually, Saturday mornings are reserved for me and Bill to make our weekly trek to Zorba's restaurant in Rehoboth Beach for breakfast. Not that the breakfast is all that special at Zorba's but it is good to get Bill out of the house among other people at least once a week. Zorba's has a low kid and high gay clientele what we're comfortable with. Not that the restaurant is a loud and campy gay hangout, it isn't. Almost all of the gay clientele are old men like me and Bill who have been in a long term relationships. There is an occasional old straight couple who wanders in. The operative word here is "old." This isn't a young people's hangout, which is just fine with us. We're welcomed at Zorba's and we return the favor with ourpatronage.

This morning I had to work at the hotel. I filled in for a co-worker who was attending a Saturday morning class. I usually work nights (3 pm to 11 pm) but I like working the occasional day shift. I get to interact with my friends in housekeeping and work with my manager, who I like immensely. He is young enough (29) to be my grandson but he is one of the best bosses I've ever had. Knowledgeable, friendly and always backs me up. Can't ask for much more than that.

The hotel was full of guests which was a pleasant change from past weeks and months. The economy has put a serious drag on the hotel business, especially where I work. So much so that my hours were cut in half from two nights a week to one night a week. Lately I've been able to make up that time by filling in for my co-workers when they were unable to work. Because the hotel was full I was kept busy at the front desk answering a lot of questions from guests who are new to the Lewes, Delaware area. I didn't mind. This is my job and why they pay be the big bucks. So maybe the bucks aren't that big but I am paid well to do a job that I love.

After work I went home to Bill. The lawn service was supposed to stop by this morning and put another application on the lawn. They didn't. I made a big mistake by paying for the service up front. I thought I was doing them a favor by paying ahead in the winter time when business is slow for them. I forgot one of the basic rules of dealing with businesses who provide service, never pay full up front. If you do you're put on the back burner. They already have their money so where is the priority? I've been calling them for the past month about the "late spring" application to my lawn. Another couple or weeks we will be overlapping with the "early summer" application. Looks like I have to make another phone call Monday. I'm biting my tongue when I call but there is no way I'm paying ahead of time next year. If they weren't the best lawn service in the area, I would get a new lawn service.

After eating an early dinner (I didn't have lunch) I asked Bill if he would like to take a ride to the Dairy Queen in Lewes for a Blizzard. He answered in the affirmative. We took a leisurly drive down New Road to Lewes, across the canal bridge and at the end of Savannah Road we pulled into the Dairy Queen parking lot. I got Bill a Banana Cream Pie Blizzard and I got a medium vanilla cone. On the way back to my car where Bill was waiting I tongued Bill's Blizzard. Hmmmm good! I should have ordered one for myself. My vanilla cone seemed so plain now.

After giving Bill his Blizzard, I asked him to hold my cone while I drove up to the beach to park the car. This was the first time I've parked at the beach in Lewes (or anywhere down here in Delaware for that matter) since we moved to Delaware 2 1/2 years ago. We don't rush into things in our life.

After making short business of our Dairy Queen treats, I asked Bill if he would mind if I took a ride down Cedar Road to the Lewes Yacht Club. I frequently get requests from guests of the hotel on how to get to the yacht club but I've never been there myself. I always like to know where I'm giving directions too. So, we take another long and leisurely drive down Cedar Road to the Lewes Yacht Club. They had some kind of event going on, at least one hundred people were packed on the tent covered deck clinking their cocktail glasses, broadcasting in the distance the happy sounds of a cacophony of many conversations going on simultaneously.

I pulled up the car and parked outside the yacht club to watch the boats on the inlet where the Broadkill River meets the Rehoboth/Lewes Canal. What a delightful discovery! Bill and I stayed there at least an hour with several other cars and pick up trucks who were doing the same thing we were doing, passing away the late Saturday afternoon on this May day enjoying the peace and serenity of the bay breeze and watching the folks boat and fish on the inlet. Just a wonderful way to end the day. We will definitely do this again. And the next time I'm getting one of those Banana Cream Pie Blizzards, a large one.


G said...

That is so romantic. I think I will take Glenn to get a frozen yogurt tomarrow. Later, Mike, s.c. ca

Ron said...

You understand. Bill doesn't do the restaurant scene (I do) or the gay circuit parties but he does like to go out for a ride and a Diary Queen treat. We love our life.