Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rainy Sunday in Lewes

On this gray and dreary Sunday in May I had little energy to do anything but read a book and take a long nap. After I did that I suggested to Bill that we hit the Dairy Queen again in Lewes for another take at one of those Banana Cream Pie Blizzard shakes. He agreed so off we went to Lewes.

It took awhile to get out of our development, located on the right side of Route 1. We had to wait for a break in the Horde traffic of vehicles , i.e., the weekenders returning to their homes in the after spending a rainy weekend in the Delmarva peninsula. Nary a vehicle going south on Rt. 1 but wave after head lighted wave of vehicles headed north on Rt. 1. Bless their hearts. I hope they left a lot of money during their weekend sojourn to our coastal shores.

Down the rain slicked highway we went, turning left on New Road for our entry into Lewes. Over the Canal Street Bridge to the Dairy Queen located on Savannah Road, one short block from the bay beach in Lewes. I didn't have to wait in line to order our 5,000 calorie concoctions that would ruin our appetites for the rest of the day (I'm still stuffed and it's 7:30 as I type this blog entry.) I assured the young lady that waited on me that sunny days are forecast for the coming week. She said "Anything to get rid of this boredom." Not a pretty day at the beach folks.

Thus armed with two medium gut busters (aka Banana Cream Pie Blizzards), I headed back out to the car. I asked Bill to hold my Blizzard while I cranked up the car to head down Cedar Road to the end of the canal where the Broadkill River meets the Rehoboth-Lewes Canal and Delaware Bay. We would indulge ourselves with our treats while watching the fishermen at the jetty. That all went well until one of the fishermen got a bite. Excitedly we watched as he reeled in his catch. I don't know what it was but it had what looked like wings. I think it was a sting ray. The fisherman got out a stick he had in his bag and beat it off his hook and threw it back into the bay. Nice. Now I really have an appetite. Another living creature ruined for the benefit of man.

We left the scene of the casual brutality. I didn't feel like going home so we took a ride down to the end of Pilottown Road. I wanted to see what was down there. Working at the front desk at the hotel I'm often asked questions about areas I haven't seen so today was a good time to see those areas. Hopefully I wouldn't see another fisherman pull some sea creature out of the ocean and beat it to death with a stick. We didn't. We had a nice ride and I found the University of Delaware's sea station (I can't remember the formal name of the place) at the end of Pilottown Road. Now I know. I still didn't feel like going home so I suggested to Bill that we visit our friend Big Bob who lives near Georgetown, Delaware. Off we go down Rt. 9 to Big Bob's hacienda.

Off we go down almost deserted, gray dreary roads this May Sunday in our coastal resort community. There was little evidence of the summertime hordes of tourists. Big Bob was home. We had a pleasant visit. I brought him up to date on the latest gossip. His partner Jim (aka "Big Jim") was at work. Thus we had a comfortable visit. No Jim Drama today. Maybe another day we can bear witness to one of Jim's hissy fits or meltdowns. We invited Big Bob over for dinner sometime in the next week or two when Jimbo is off at work. It must get lonely for our friend when he's left alone in his double wide without benefit of cable or a computer connection. And we always enjoy Big Bob's company.

Arriving home I checked out the bluebird box to see how this year's batch if progressing. As the picture on this blog shows, they are doing quite well. I have some good news on the Invasion of the Sparrows front. The Determined Sparrow finally gave up making a nest in that one Purple Martin apartment. The Purple Martins have taken over. The trick was to throw out the sparrow nest with the eggs in it. Prior to this I was just throwing out the sparrow nest. That wasn't working because they would just build a new sparrow nest. Next year I will only have one clean out of sparrow nests, after they lay their eggs. Not something I like to do but I have to make a safe place for my Purple Martins and bluebirds. The sparrows don't rule in my back yard.

Pictured also on this blog are my "Knock Out Roses", or as Bill calls them "Punched Out Roses." They are performing spectacularly well this year. Only problem is when the Japanese Beetles emerge in about two weeks. Then I will have a major problem on my had getting rid of those pests just like I did last year. I had to spray insecticides on my plants because it kills everything including beneficial insects like praying mantises of which I had many last year. I tried to pick off as many Japanese Beetles as I could last year but quickly became overwhelmed.

Sun is forecast for this week. Hallelujah! I know all this rain is good for the farmers but we're getting moldy with all this moisture. The dreariness of gray, raining days is draining the energy out of me. I'm way overdue in updating my "Tipton Tales and Trails" blog. I'm even overdue in a housecleaning but I just can't seem to get my engines started on days like this. I'm reminded of the old Beetles song on their Abbey Road album, "Here Comes the Sun." It can't come soon enough. Right now I feel like I'm in a yellow submarine.


Ron said...

I guess it wasn't too helpful to have that orange scrub brush in the picture with the roses. That folks is the story of my life.

G said...

Your bluebirds are beautiful. Mike, s.c. ca

Ron said...


One of my main joys in living where I live now, I can provide a home for these beautiful birds.