Friday, May 22, 2009

Baby Robin

Just got in from transplanting a couple of rose bushes and geraniums. Bill was taking video up near the border. He called to me to come quickly and see a baby robin in one of the white pine trees that border our property. I went, I saw and I took this picture.
This is Memorial Day weekend. Rt. 1 is already clogged with bicycle ladened SUV's headed to Rehoboth Beach and points south. Colorful beach towels, coconut smelling sun tan oils, red and white Coleman coolers headed for the hot sand of the beach. That's not the life for me. This is my life, creating a backyard sanctuary for my fine feathered friends. I even have sparrows in my backyard. This gives me so much more pleasure than fighting traffic on a four lane highway seeking the nearest parking meter. I'm loving my retirement in southern Delaware.


Mike said...

We will be having a quiet weekend also. Hollywood gets hectic on these three day holidays. We are going to the Cinerama Dome tomarrow to see Star Trek. Hope you guys have a great weekend. Mike and Glenn, s.c. ca

Ron Tipton said...


Thank you. I would love to see "Star Trek" in a setting like the Cinerama Dome. We have terrible theaters here. It's like watching a movie in a garage.

I hope both you and Glenn have a nice weekend. Friends and I had an unpleasant experience at a "family" restaurant tonight. I wrote about it in my latest blog posting. I'm sure you and Glenn have experienced the same thing in your outings. I would like to think we're past these kind of things but every now and then they come back and slam us in the face.

No more restaurants for awhile.