Thursday, October 13, 2016

Donald Trump Serial Sex Assaulter - Lock Him Up!

Trump Faces a Slew of New Allegations of Sexual Assault

The Republican presidential nominee categorically denied any past incidents, but several women have come forward to report unwanted attention from him.

This is the news that came out tonight.  Donald Trump, sexual predator. 

I am sickened to my stomach to hear the details of the incidences of Trumps sexual assault the was revealed by four women tonight.  

The incidences are from a Miss Teen USA pageant where Trump walked back into the young girl's dressing room while some of them were half naked and some completely naked.  Trump bragged on Howard Stern that he "could do this" because he was the owner of the patent and he was "inspecting."  

Another incident was from a fellow airline passenger thirty years ago.  Trump grabbed her breast and then went up under her dress. The Trump campaign responded that it wasn't fair to "drag something that happened so long ago."  Of course the irony here is that is exactly what Trump and his campaign did when he "dragged" the four women accusers of Bill Clinton to the second presidential debate to embarrass Hillary Clinton.  Of course Bill Clinton, who actions shouldn't be excused but was litigated over twenty years ago isn't running for president.

Yet another incident took place at his Mar Lago estate in Florida where he closed a door to a photographer's assistant in 2005 and tongue kissed her only to be interrupted by his butler bursting into the room and telling him "Melania is coming down the stairs."

Trump is a loathsome monster.  He is totally unfit to be president of the United States.  


  1. Irony is lost on these people, and Republicans in general.



    1. Andy,
      Hillary was right, "half the Trump supporters are deplorable and irredeemable." Trump is a monster. I can't believe I used to like him.

  2. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Dump Trump's truck of fear. I was embarrassed in the last debate that the Americans nominated him. His true color is greed when it bleeds.

    1. Anonymous,
      I was and am sickened to my core that Trump is the nominated candidate for president. In three weeks we will get rid of this abomination.


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