Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Reeived My New Replacement iPhone!

Talk about service!  

I received my replace iPhone about an hour ago by overnight FedEx Express.  I'm in the process of setting it up now.  

Damn but Apple does make it easy. 

I do have to go through several steps like backing up my old iPhone date to iCloud. 

Then I have to erase all the data on my old iPhone.

Then I have to remove the SIM (telephone) card and place it in the new iPhone.

Then I have to package up my old iPhone and in the box provided by Apple (I just tear off the top shipping label and use the shipping label beneath)

Then I call FedEx to arrange a pickup.  

Then I download my old iPhone data from my iCloud backup, which is what I am doing now.

Sounds complicated doesn't it?  It's not actually.  

Doesn't make for the most interesting or provocative blog posting I admit but this procedure is important to me.  

What did I do before I had my iPhone?

I'll tell you what I did, I struggled and my life was a LOT more complicated.

With my iPhone I have unlimited access to news and information, can stay in touch with friends, neighbors and everyone by e-mail, text and FaceTime, and (this is really important) take a LOT of photos!

I was bummed out yesterday when I broke my iPhone. I could still use it but I had this ugly spider crack on the glass.  Being the perfectionist I am, you know that I was very bothered using a damaged piece of equipment.  

Ah bliss, I now my perfect iPhone. And you can bet I won't drop it again.

Have a great day!


  1. Wow, that WAS quick, Ron! I'm so glad that you have your new iPhone - the process seems to have been very convenient. I've dropped my cell phone several times, but fortunately it was always on the carpet, so the glass never broke.

    Also, many thanks for your recent comments on my blog posts - - I have been very late in replying to them lately.

    I will post my Houdini Hollywood mansion story (again) very soon. I know you and Pat will like it. I got really irked when some woman criticized it and said my story "didn't add up". These are the kind of people who NEVER leave comments on blogs until they disagree with something - and then they let you have it! They irritate the hell out of me.

    1. Jon,
      I've dropped my iPhone before but also always on the carpet. This time it was a freak accident. I've learned my lesson, don't reach for my iPhone when I'm groggy in the morning.
      I also get very annoyed when someone, who NEVER leave comments on my blog until they disagree or nitpick with something I've said. They irritate me too.

  2. Don't get too lost in the new phone; take some time off to eat. hohoho


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