Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Class Reunion Video

This morning I performed a labor of love.  As you know, I love to take photos and videos to record memorable moments in my life. And at this time of my life, as I enter my ninth inning with two outs, I am worried that all my photo and video history will be lost.  But take heart folks, I have found a way to remedy this dire situation!

I can upload my photos and videos to You Tube and create a permanent record for those who are still alive and those who follow me.  What a relief!  

So now all I have to do is upload my photos and videos to YouTube and produce the wonderful video like I'm posting to this blog post today.

This is a video, slide show actually with musical accompaniment, of my high school's 40th class reunion.  I haven't attended all the reunions but I have attended enough to make several more videos.  By the way, click on the "X" to make that annoying YouTube ad to go away.  I guess I shouldn't complain because YouTube lets me make these videos for free but who wants to see an ad overlaid on such a wonderful video?

Now I understand that to most of you the individuals in this video/slide show you won't know or recognize (hopefully you will recognize a young me) but I think most of you will enjoy the video anyway.  I know I had a grand time putting it together.

The only downside is that so many of my former classmates in this video have now passed on.  I only wish I could have shared all the smiles with them.

In memory of those classmates who are no longer with us:

Judy Baldwin (Nixdorf)
Bill Jones
Gary Kinzey
Denny Myers
Bruce Nixdorf
Bonnie Walton
Patty Zittle
Bob Zynn

The banner photo is our Class of 1959 taken when we were sophomores in 1957.  Yours truly is behind the "D" in "Delaware" with the big pompadour. Cool!

And one more By The Way, I can identify every one of my classmates in that 1957 class photo including the ones I had a crush on (little did they know) (smile).

Yes, that is Yours Truly, standing at the front door of our high school. This was the photo used as the centerfold of our high school yearbook. The first and only time Yours Truly was in a centerfold.

Centerfold - 1959 DHS Yearbook


  1. I'm glad you're making these videos, Ron. So much nostalgia - and it is indeed a labor of love. The music is perfect!
    Hey, I like the centerfold.

    1. Jon,
      I LOVE putting these videos together! I like the centerfold too!

  2. Ron,

    Nicely put together video. It is surely appreciated. Oh, you left Tim Mahan off your memorial list.


    1. Thanks Lar! I left Tim Mahan off my memorial list because he didn't graduate with us and didn't attend this reunion. I only noted those classmates who were in this slideshow of our 40th class reunion.

  3. Hey Ron - really enjoyed the work you did on your video. Good on you on behalf of all the lucky recipients who are going to receive all those good memories. I think it's a terrific idea - not only for school years but for the time we spent at a job - with all the folks we enjoyed having spent so much time together.

    1. Lot of work went into making that video Pat. Worth it though because now there will always be a permanent memory of the DHS Class of 1959 40th reunion.

  4. Lovely video, Ron (and I didn't even get the inconvenience of having to jump a YouTube ad!)

    I'm not sure if such reunions are an essentially American thing. They are practically unheard of here - as are also school 'Proms' or their equivalent. Once school was over with for good we never ever saw our classmates again, unless they were chums we held onto or we bumped into them by coincidence, be it a pleasant surprise or otherwise. But it's good that you've kept all the memories alive, even moreso for those of them who've passed on.

  5. Thank you Ray. I love attending by class reunions. I wish I had attended more and taken more photos and videos. Glad you enjoyed the video.

  6. neat with a beet.


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