Sunday, October 02, 2016

Trump Tax Return Shows He Could Have Avoided Taxes for 18 Years: NYT

Well, now we know why Donald Trump won't release his tax returns. 

The New York Times has published documents it said were Donald Trump's 1995 income tax returns, and the documents appear to show the businessman and GOP nominee reported a nearly $1 billion loss. 
Trump declared a nearly $916 million loss on his 1995 state income tax returns according to the documents, the Times reported in an article posted online Saturday night.
An unsigned statement from the Trump campaign posted to its website late Saturday did not appear to deny or dispute a single fact in the Times story, but asserted the document was "illegally obtained." 
Trump himself tweeted early Sunday: "I know our complex tax laws better than anyone who has ever run for president and am the only one who can fix them." Again, he did not deny or dispute the Times' findings. 
Three tax experts hired by the Times said the size of the deduction and tax rules governing wealthy filers could have allowed Trump to legally pay no federal income taxes for 18 years. There is nothing in the report that shows he actually took advantage of the rules to avoid paying taxes. 
I don't know about you folks, but I will not vote for a person for president of the United States who doesn't pay a penny in taxes.  Taxes that go to support our troops.  Taxes that go to support the defense of this country.  

Trump claims he's "smart" for not paying taxes.  What if everyone in this country didn't pay taxes?  Where would we be?

Now I realize that Trump's hardcore supporter just don't care about this latest revelation.  They care about the fact that Hillary had a home based e-mail server. These are the same supporters who answer every question about Trump with the first word "Hillary". 

Here is the question.  Do we want somebody who hasn't paid taxes for possibly forty or fifty years to be the head of our country? 

Two "great" hoteliers who don't pay taxes - one went to jail - the other one needs to go to jail

I'm not a religious person but I do pray that this con man will never be president.  If he gets elected by some fluke, God help us.


Anonymous said...

This issue gets bigger every day, Trump not paying taxes, I hope the NY State Attorney General's investigation of his phony charity, The Trump Foundation, becomes available before election day.

Ron said...

Every new revelation about Trump and his business practices and the way he avoids paying his share of taxes (and avoiding service in the military) shows he's no patriot.

Ur-spo said...

God help us indeed.

Travel said...

If people listen and get out an vote, this is a turning point in the landslide of an election.

Ron said...

I can't even contemplate what this country would descend to if Trump is elected president.

Ron said...

The weasels in the Trump campaign are touting Trump is a "genius" for not paying taxes. I don't believe that the American public will buy this spin. Landslide.

Oliver said...

I have relatives that intend to vote for Trump and the reason they give me is the garbage spewed on Fox News. These are people who love Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. To discuss politics with them is like pounding your head into a brick wall! I find it easier just to avoid them at all cost.

Ron said...

I have one brother is has been brainwashed by Fox News. I haven't talked to him in over four years. He's still my brother but I'm tired of being shouted at every time I see him so I parted ways. He can spew his Fox News venom at someone else. Life is too short for all that negativity. I also have a neighbor, who I like but who also shouts at me because I have the temerity to be a registered Democrat and voted for Barack Obama "YOU VOTED FOR HIM!" Like I said, life is too short for all that bullying so I avoid it. You'll never convince these people of the folly of their beliefs.