Sunday, October 09, 2016

The Big Debate Tonight

The second presidential debate is tonight. 

Incredibly, this debate is expected to have even more viewers than the first presidential debate.  

And why is that?  Because of the recent revelations by the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump being caught on an open mic bragging about sexual assault on women.  

Trump is threatening to bring up Bill Clinton's  sexual behavior of thirty years ago at tonight's debate.  Of course Bill Clinton isn't running for president but in Trump's world, he thinks this will help him win the presidency.  

Every day more Republicans are withdrawing their support of Trump.  Some have said they're not voting for him.  Others are calling for Trump to withdraw from the race.  

I for one will be glued to the TV tonight.  One thing is for sure, Donald Trump does entertain.  I have a theory that Trump is actually enjoying all this attention, even though it is negative.  Remember what Donald Trump has said about publicity . . . . "all publicity is good publicity."  



  1. i will be eating popcorn with my dogs at my side yelling at the television....the perfect evening

    1. Oliver,
      Yes, tonight will be the perfect evening! This is going to be better than Wrestlemania!

  2. Donald Trump wasn't running for president in 2005 when he privately made those remarks. Bill Clinton WAS president when he assaulted and harassed all those women.

    I have no doubt whatsoever that Hillary will be our next president - but I'll be watching the debate.
    Let the best man win!

    1. Jon,
      Bill Clinton isn't running for president. Donald Trump is. Bill Clinton didn't assault Monica Lewinsky. They had a consensual affair. Bill Clinton's problem was he lied about it. Bill Clinton wasn't president when he was accused of "harassing" women. The charge of rape is often tossed around but Clinton was never formally accused nor convicted of rape. Donald Trump bringing up the old Bill Clinton peccadilloes doesn't justify Donald Trump's words. There is something I like about Donald Trump. I believe at heart he's not a bad person but he totally unsuitable to be president of the United States. I believe he doesn't even want to do the job. He just wants to be a ceremonial president and on the receiving end of all the cheers and adulation and let others like Mike Pence to actually run the country. I know Hillary isn't the best candidate for president but she is who is running for president. I may not trust her in other areas but I trust her with her finger on the nuclear button.
      Hillary will win the election. I hope she wins big a big enough margin that both the House and Senate return to Democratic control.
      I'll be watching the debate tonight too. May the best man/woman win!


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