Thursday, November 20, 2014

Morning Surprise

How I feel this morning ( and probably look too even down to the "peninsula" hair

Uh oh. I woke up this morning feeling weak. 

Runny nose. 


Achy limbs.

Uh oh.

Last year for the first time in many years I didn't have a "cold" (or flu - I can never tell which is which, only that I feel lousy for several days).  

I'm embarrassed to admit I was experiencing schadenfruede (a pleasure derived from the misfortune of others) talking to my two best friends Lar and Pat on FaceTime as they suffered through TWO colds (flu?) last winter.

Folks, I'm about to be bitten in the arse.

I think I have a COLD coming on.  

I took my COLD-EZ tablet this morning in probably a vain attempt to ward off the worsening effects of this cold (flu).  

One more day work today then I collapse this weekend and work through this cold.

One thing I am thankful for, that this cold isn't coming on right as I begin a work shift at the hotel.  

Another thing I'm thankful for, that we don't have that "Buffalo Snow" down here in Lower Slower (Sussex County, Delaware).  The temperatures have dropped but thankfully, NO SNOW and the sun is out.  

After tonight, rest and relax Ron and get through this FIRST cold of the season.  There are more to come I'm sure.  


Bob said...

Hot soup.
That's all ... carry on ... feel better.

Ron said...

You are ABSOLUTELY right! The last time I had a bad cold (this one isn't that bad yet but I feel it coming on), chicken noodle soup was the BEST comfort. It does work.

Jack said...

Your line of work, exposure to the public makes your chances of catching a cold or flu much greater. Hold on today and do exactly what you said, rest, rest, rest. Chicken noodle soup is a wonderful comfort, even better when someone else makes it. Either way, get some and get some rest.
Maybe two or three hours of Nancy Sinatra's Mac Arthur Park will scare the cold right out of your system or put you out of your misery permanently tee hee.
Feel better soon.

Ron said...

I get all my colds from work. Usually one or more of my co-workers has a child who has a cold and they bring those germs to work and I take them home with me. I took some Cold-Ez and I now feel much better. Maybe I dodged this bullet.

Jay M. said...

I hope you feel better soon! I am fortunate so far. I did get my flu shot.

Peace <3

Postcard Cindy said...

Hope you did dodge a bullet! Take good care of yourself.

Cindy from Sonoma

wcs said...

Peninsula hair??? Hope you're feeling better soon.

Raybeard said...

The weather in certain parts of your continent is appearing high on our news progs here. Let's hope the white stuff doesn't arrive to add to your woes. See it through speedily - and get back on your feet, dancing around like mad as per usual.
Best wishes.

Ron said...

I got my flu shot too but that not always a guarantee that I will be flu free. Years past I've gotten the flu shot and have had the worst flu. Last year was an exception and I was flu free (say that three times fast).

Ron said...

Good news! The COLD-EZ tablets apparently worked. The flu symptoms have receded . . . . at least for now. Just as extra insurance I have another COLD-EZ tablet in my mouth now slowly dissolving.

Ron said...

The "Peninsula Hair" of which I refer is my hairline. Like my father before me, I have a strip of hair on my noggin down towards the front but nothing on the sides . . . . "Peninsula Hair."

Ron said...

No snow here . . . Thank God. Plenty cold but NO SNOW. Usually we don't get the snow this far south but last year we got hit. Not as bad as parts of northern New York is getting inundated now but bad for us.

Ur-spo said...

Is it over by now?

Ron said...

My cold (flu?) is over thank goodness. I think the Cold-Ez helped.