Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thanksgiving Messages

Whoops!  Here we are at Thanksgiving Week.  Didn't we just have Halloween?  Folks, every year the days, weeks, months and years fly by even faster, and then after Thanksgiving this Thursday the Big Slide to Christmas.  

As regular viewers of this drama series blog know the Ron and Pat Show continues this year to LA, the City of Angels.  My birthday was a few weeks ago and Pat's is after Christmas before New Year's.  We celebrate our birthdays each year by making a trip to a Destination City.  This year's lucky city is Los Angeles, California.  I've never been to LA but Pat has and he recommends it highly for a visit. January 7th through the 17th, the Dynamic Duo will be on the Other Coast.  Pat is dying to see 77 Sunset Strip and meet Edd Byrnes.

What does this have to do with Thanksgiving you ask?  Hmmmm . . . . oh I guess something to be thankful about.  

I have so much to be thankful about.  Of course the first and foremost is Bill, my faithful and devoted partner and spouse of the past fifty years.  Bill is a saint.  Anyone who can put up with me and my shenanigans for FIFTY YEARS has to be incredible and Bill is.

Secondly I have my health or as much as I can have as a 73 year old, been round the block more than a few times, oldie goldie.  

Another big plus is that I don't have any bills (mortgages, medical bills, et al).  Mortgage free folks!  One of my lifetime goals . . . . achieved!

So what am I doing for Thanksgiving?  Working at the hotel of course.  I don't mind.  During the holidays we get the nicest folks visiting the hotel, usually the grandparents who are visiting their children and grandchildren but don't want to be subjected to the screaming and running around the house and the "Look at me! Look at me!" little darlings 24/7.  Kids are cute . . . . in small doses.

No late Thanksgiving day dinners with friends or family, especially not family since Bill and I had the gall and temerity to get married last year.  We're on the permanent outs now because of the embarrassment we have caused The Family.  Whatever.  It is what it is.  And it is a shame that we can't be accepted for who we are but I don't spend a whole lot of time dwelling on this sad fact of life. We live our life and they live their lives.  We're happy, they're not.  

I (we) actually do enjoy The Holidays and the goodwill that it generates.  We don't like the over commercialization but we get overlook that ubiquitous barnacle that comes with The Holidays.

I'll probably post another "Thanksgiving" post before the actual Turkey Day but I felt like posting this today.  

Okay, we're off to the store to buy some more egg nog.  Bill loves egg nog on is morning oatmeal.  


Jack said...

Thanksgiving is a bitter sweet time for me. It brings back memories of family togetherness when my mother and later me would cook a turkey and all the trimmings for at least fifteen or more. Now the parents are gone, all the rest of my family is in another state so it is just me and a small circle of friends. We do the turkey thing but it isn't just the same.
This year I was going to go "home" for Christmas. It would have been my first trip back since the beginning of May when I got sick while there and spent the rest of the summer and early fall taking one test after another to find out what was going on with the "mystery illness" which was just recently diagnosed. Unfortunately I am just not strong enough to make the trip yet. Super bummed out about that but at least I know that things will improve once the meds kick in. One good thing about the testing is that I know that most body parts are still in relatively good shape, as you well know is a plus when one attains our age.
Enjoy Los Angeles!

Ron said...

My best Thanksgiving memories are also of my Mother's dinners. We never had the big dinners (fifteen or more) like your family had but we did have family of eight or ten. Bill and I years ago tried to replicate our own personal Thanksgiving dinner but it was just so much trouble for the two of us because we just don't eat that much. However, I do appreciate Thanksgiving. A few times I was asked to join other families (when I wasn't working) and all those dinners were wonderful.
I am sorry to hear about your illness Jack. You may have mentioned it before but I missed it. You're right about "most body parts are still in relatively good shape, as you well know is a plus when one attains our age." I feel the clock ticking down Jack. Not a whole lot more Thanksgivings in my life but that's alright. To me everyday is a gift for which I am very thankful. I hope your Thanksgiving this year is good Jack.

Ur-spo said...

I was going to work too but The Lovely Neighbor is having us over for supper.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
I'm open for an invite but none received so far.

Jay M. said...

Nice post. I am making one very similar for tomorrow.

Peace <3

Raybeard said...

Ron, sorry to toss an unpleasant spanner in the works but I clearly recall seeing on the news that Edd Byrnes had passed away as recently as maybe a year (or two?) ago. HOWEVER, looking up his details on various sights I can find no definite confirmation of that - though there is some playful questioning of whether he is actually dead or alive. Were you aware of the news item? - or maybe you know more about the matter than I do.
I certainly remember him as 'Cookie' as well as his middling-hit 1959 record (with Connie Stevens) of 'Cookie, Cookie Lend me your Comb'.

Ron said...

Thank you Jay.

Ron said...

I'm not sure if Edd Byrnes died. He wasn't one of my teen idols. I never got the whole "Give me your comb Eddie" but Pat liked it. Pat is a big fan of "77 Sunset Strip." He loves that era.

Raybeard said...

He didn't do anything for me either, Ron. He was just one of the stand-out characters in a programme that some people watched (not by me, at least not regularly), in a time when we had only two TV channels to choose from.

Btw: A belated 'Happy Thanksgiving' to you and yours. I missed saying it as, by definition, it's not marked in any way here, as you wouldn't expect it to be.