Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Genealogy Break

Twenty years ago (1994) I began researching my family (Tipton) history.  At first my research consumed just about all my time.  Then Life interrupted.  

Since then, I go in spurts in researching my family genealogy.  Right now I am in one of those spurts.  

Yesterday I received two different e-mails from distant cousins inquiring about their Tipton connection.  I talked to both of them today on the phone.  One lives in Montana and the other lives in Ohio.  Both fine fellows and coincidentally, both related and not through the Tipton connection but through their Bennett family connection which is also in my family.

All of our ancestors were hillbillies from the western North Carolina mountains (which I am proud to admit, true Americana - Appalachian stock sometimes referred to as "hillbilly.") 

So folks, my usually daily blog postings here may not be so daily for the next few days.  Rest assured I am still here and in fine health but taking a little detour here whilst I update my family history on Ancestry.com.


  1. Ron - I'm just grateful to you and everyone else who takes interest in family histories to record it.


    1. Pat,
      I'm surprised at how many people have no interest in their family history. Thankfully, some do who can leave this wonderful legacy.


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