Thursday, November 06, 2014

Don't Feel Like Much Blogging

Today I don't feel like much blogging.  I was considering taking a sabbatical and not blogging for a few days or weeks.  Events of the past couple of days have taken me down into a ditch of despair. 

Of course what triggered this funk is the results of the election where the GOP and their corporate masters will now try to destroy the middle class.  They will do this by cutting taxes to provide even more money to their greedy corporate masters and cutting and eliminating social programs, especially those which we have earned like Social Security, Medicare and VA benefits (I paid into them all). 

Lower your heads for the next two years folks because the GOP is now emboldened and are we're going to hear are "Benghzi! Benghzi! Benghzi!" as the GOP attempt to bring down Hilary Clinton as the next Democratic presumptive candidate for president.  Where were these "The sky is falling!" screechers when the World Trade Center Twin Towers were destroyed, even after Bush-Cheney was warned?  

This is all I'm going to say about politics now.  I try to keep politics our of my blog postings but sometimes I have to explain why I am in a certain mood.

Then there are problems at home and at work which I won't go into here because all it does is cause me more problems.  I just have to get through it. Like I have before. Let's just say I'm extra sensitive these days to nit-picking, micro-managing and lack of respect.  One would think at 72 years of age one would receive at least a modicum of respect for work well done and be trusted to continue to do good work. One would think that wouldn't one?  Well, one would be wrong.

Sometimes you get up in the morning and no matter how much you try to the right thing, you still run into the bushwhacker.  You just have to get through it.

I'll keep trying to blog and really attempt to be happy and upbeat but folks, it's just a little more difficult these days.


Jack said...

By all means, take a break. Everyone needs a break from work, home and yes blogging. Don't give it up completely, I believe you will miss that as this blog is now a part of you. It would be like cutting off a finger. I have seen on other blogs I have read that overload is the main cause for quitting. So take a few days off and recharge your batteries. I would hate to lose you completely.
Happy Birthday,

Ron said...

Thanks Jack. I could never give up blogging but I will slow down a bit at least until I can get back on the rails.

Tony said...

It is not as bad as all that. Here is one explanation.

Ron said...

Thanks Tony. I'll check the link you sent.

Jay M. said...

Everyone is allowed to take a break. All sorts of reasons can interfere in the process of writing out your life.

Peace <3

Geo. said...

A disappointing election, I agree. I too find it hard to post --especially post cheerfully-- in view of that and some local city political infighting that catches me in the middle. Stressful times that we don't deserve, but I have to believe the pendulum swings back and things will improve.

Sissy said...

I can fully commiserate with you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ron,
First, Happy Birthday! And if you feel like taking a break, then by all means do so. It would be a shame if you burned out and just gave it up completely. Maybe take a break, and then just post weekly or so, until you feel recharged. I know it must be frustrating that your blog is public knowledge for your family and workplace; that seems like a recipe for hurt feelings. Hope you climb out of the ditch (and don't run into a bushwhacker in the process!) soon.
~~~ NB

Ron said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes. Yet another birthday has snuck up on me. Is it me or do the years seem to be getting shorter? I'm back to blogging again. My "hiatus" didn't last long. I just can't seem to stay away from blogging about all my joys and woes. It's my life. Without blogging I feel I'm all alone. Blogging works for me.

Ron said...

Thanks Sissy but I think I"m back . . . . already.

Ron said...

To say I was disappointed in this election would be a gross understatement. I'm just about reconciled to it now. The Republicans will dig themselves further into the hole, especially if they insist on repealing the Affordable Health Care Act (Obama Care). I'm just going to stay away from the news for a while. All it does is agitate me. But you're right, the pendulum will swing back. Thank God a Democrat is president, at least he can veto the repressive bills that the Republicans are sure to put through Congress. At least I hope he does. Obama is so feckless sometimes. We didn't elect him to be a Harvard law professor, we elected him to be the leader of this country. And here I go on my rant again. I won't say any more. Have a great day George!

Ron said...

I may take a break here and there. Don't anyone get concerned though. I'll always be back.

Ur-spo said...

I think by now this mood is passing?

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
The mood has passed. I'm back to normal or at least what passes for "normal" with me.

Sissy said...

You said "One would think at 72 years of age one would receive at least a modicum of respect for work well done and be trusted to continue to do good work."

Consideration and respect were on my mind this week. It's been awhile since this post. Hope all is well for you.

Ron said...

I had forgotten all about this post. Problems at work since resolved. Thanks for your comment.