Sunday, November 16, 2014

Love Actually

LOVE statue - Philadelphia, PA -  2013

"You can have all the money in the world, you can have mansions, you can have properties, you can have yachts, you can have limousines, you can have motorcycles  - but without love it doesn't mean a goddamn thing."

The above is a quote from the Piano Man himself, Billy Joel from his recently published book "Billy Joel The Definitive Biography." Actually, his quote sounds like the lyrics to one of his many self written songs.  

One aspect of the human condition that has always fascinated me is how some very popular, rich and talented people can't find true love.  Now of course Billy Joel is one fugly looking dude.

Billy Joel - Piano Man

I don't know him personally (of course I don't!) but from what I've been able to glean from my prodigious reading of the gossip rags,  he's not one of these egomaniacal driven stars who think they are God like. He seems to be a regular guy with a super abundance of talent who has issues like most of us.  But what a shame to have all that money, talent and fame and not to have someone to love him and for him to love.

I read a lot of celebrity biographies.  Presently I'm finished an unauthorized biography of Diana Ross.  She too, with all her talent and good looks, is now alone.  Oh sure, she has her children, which is very important, but she doesn't have that Special Someone.  But they she has that out of control diva thing going on too.  Maybe that's her problem.

Diana Ross

Then there is  perhaps the most famous and desired movie goddess of all time, Marilyn Monroe.  She, who combined the perfect of physical beauty with childlike innocence, died alone in her bed from an apparent drug overdose.  Let me say it again, Marilyn died ALONE.  

Marilyn Monroe

Hedy Lamarr, my favorite movie goddess.  Perhaps the most beautiful woman ever to grace the silver screen (in my opinion anyway), also died alone. And I could cite example after example.

Hedy Lamarr
I harken back to my youthful days when I was young and pretty and fresh on the scene.  At times I got so depressed because I couldn't meet my Prince Charming.  One Saturday night in April of 1963 is embedded in my mind forever, never to be erased until my brain ceases to function.  I was 22 years old, living in a two room furnished efficiency apartment in the small steel town of Coatesville, Pennsylvania.  I did not have a car.  I had a few friends who lived a distance away.  I depended on them to transport me to any venue where the possibility of meeting my handsome prince charming might happen.  That particular Saturday night my friends were otherwise occupied (perhaps looking for their own Prince Charming, which by the way they never found, even to this day).  

There I was, alone in my dull apartment with the worn furniture in the Roll Up the Streets town of Coatesville, Pennsylvania.  I was playing some Dinah Washington records to assuage my loneliness, which probably on exacerbated my loneliness but oh how her sad songs soothed my loneliness.  

At one point I thought I was going out of my head with despair.  I turned on all the lights in the apartment and put on more upbeat music and started to dance by myself.  I did that for about an hour until I wore myself out and went to bed . . . . early.

When I got up the next morning I made up my mind that I was not going to give up to despair.  I would continue "going out" and create the possibility of meeting Someone. And I did. I met Bill.

Christmas 1964 at Bill's apartment in Pennsauken, New Jersey

In the ensuing years since I have been in love and been loved more than once.  I have lived.  Not for the the usual gay "lifestyle" experience of sleeping with as many people as I could.  I never went that route.  For the the "route" I went was always looking for Prince Charming.  And you know what folks?  I have found him.  

So who needs fame and fortune and incredible talent when regular schmoo like me can find love.  Life is good folks.  Life is good and I am so thankful.  

Do I think it is luck?  At one time I did but not now.  I think it is the person.  You're either a person who can give love and receive it or you're a person who doesn't.  Sounds harsh but I truly believe someone has their perfect match.  It's just a matter of time until you find him or her.  But you can't give up, no matter how long it takes. 


pat888 said...

Hey Ron - for one you are definitely not a schmoo. Loneliness happens to everyone along the trail. There's a lyric I like in a song by a toronto singer songwriter called Loneliness Takes Time - Loneliness is like a thief, but one who comes to stay. It don't take anything just a wicked game to play. It brings along the silence that gets into your bones. The only thing it leaves you is alone.

Ron said...

Billy Joel has some really superb lyrics to his songs. It's a shame that he continues to be lonely. I think fame does that to some people because they can't trust those who say they love them. Is it for themselves or for the reflected fame?' Always a conundrum.