Friday, November 07, 2014

Back on Track

Me on the well digger at our hold home in Pennsylvania 1982 - how butch can you get?

Okay folks, I'm back on track again. I was derailed for a day but I think I've come to terms with my issues and today's reality.

Talking about being derailed, when I was a kid I used to have a Lionel electric train set. I loved playing with my trains.  But then there was that one time I got my trains out and ran them and something wasn't quite right.  Oh sure, the train was running around the track but it was slightly lopsided and not running smoothly.  I speeded up the train but then it went off the tracks.  I put the train back on the tracks, this time I lined up the train wheels with the tracks and the train ran smoothly.  This is a good metaphor to illustrate how I sometimes feel with my life. Sometimes, even though I'm "going round the tracks" I'm a bit lopsided and if I speed up, I derail.  That's what happened yesterday at work and at home.  

I've since made amends both at work and at home.  Anyone who knows me knows that I occasionally "go off the tracks."  I'm not trying to justify my actions (well, maybe I am) but that is part of my DNA.  My Pop, Mother and one brother have all done it.  My other brother (John) never has, for which I greatly admire him.  Maybe that's why his occupation is a care pastor at his church, a job which he loves.  A job I could never do.  But I'm suited for my job as a hotel front desk person.  Except when I get the "do you have a pool?" question for the umpteenth time (we don't).  

So I'm back folks.  Did you miss me?


Bob said...

Everyone's gotta have a "day" when they derail. If not, they might just explode, or implode, and that's much worse.

Ron said...

My derailments are safety valves. I'm like a boiling pot on the stove with the lid on. I have to let it out. Feels so good when I do.

Jack said...

Like I said earlier, everyone needs a break. I had an appointment with my PCP yesterday, I had cancelled the original appointment because I had a problem with the "corporate entity" that took over most all of the health care needs for our area. I realized that the doctor was not the problem and since I had a 20 year rapport with him, leaving him for someone else would have probably done more harm than good. I had to step back and take a deep breath and reschedule. I just turned 70 last month and it is like a switch turned on in my brain. I have become a grumpy old man, less tolerant of things that used to roll off my back and were gone. I hate to think what I'll be like when I reach 80 (I hope that doesn't happen). Point is, derailment will happen, just as it always has in the past but apparently becomes more intense as we get older. Getting back on track quickly is the key.
Glad you're back even though I really didn't think you really left.

Travel said...

You could have a contest for the most creative answer to the "pool" question. DG

Jay M. said...

If I didn't derail occasionally, the mess would be incredibly tough to clean up!

I thought all that water out there under the Captain's Suite was the pool!

Peace <3

Ron said...

Same here. I have also become less tolerant of things that used to roll of my back. I'm also falling into that "grumpy old man" pattern. I'll try not to let it take over me though. I'm sorry you're having problems with your health care providers. So far, I don't have that problem (knock on wood.)

Ron said...

The callers who ask "do you have a pool?" never make a reservation. I can alway tell by their accent (low class) that they're not going to make a reservation because they're looking for that $49.00 a night hotel room with a jacuzzi and a pool. Maybe I should suggest they take a swim in the Lewes-Rehoboth canal. It's full of jelly fish.

Ron said...

Maybe I should suggest that they swim in that "pool" that is the Rehoboth-Lewes Canal. Did you ever take a good look at that canal? When the sun hits it at a certain angle, the oil slick provides a beautiful spectrum of color.

pat888 said...

Ron - this isn't particularly helpful - but I think everyone periodically derails. Some are so slight they just aren't noticed by others. Sometimes only the engineer knows he/she went off the tracks.


Ur-spo said...

Since I read posts starting with the most recent and going back, I am intrigued to read the previous one to know what this is all about.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
The elections triggered this mood. I always get depressed when I realize how ignorant so much of the American electorate is. So ignorant they they often vote against their own interests. Do they not remember nothing from the Bush Years and how that administration almost single handling almost brought this country to financial ruin? But here we go again. Brace yourself for the next two years of absolutely nothing getting done. I've even stopped watching the news because I know what it's going to be. Same old, same old. Other than that Mrs. LIncoln, how was the play?

Ron said...

Your right, we all have our blue periods. Thankfully mine didn't last too long. I'm back on track now.