Tuesday, November 04, 2014


My voting place this morning - a beautiful day!

I got up very early this morning to vote.  

I voted a straight Democratic ticket.

How I voted this morning - straight Democratic

In my Previous Life I used to be a conservative Republican but the election and subsequent disaster of George W. Bush changed the definition of a Republican.  

After the Bush administration demonized me as a gay man and tried to eliminate my eligibility for my earned veteran's benefits, I realized that today's Republican party is no longer the Republican party I was a member of for most of my adult life.  I call today's Republican part "Rethuglicans." They are bullies and thugs.

Their goals are:

Take away my right to vote (voter suppression).
Deny me equal rights (marriage equality).
Take away my earned benefits of Social Security, Veteran's benefits and Medicare - all of which I EARNED.  They are not freebies.
They deny a woman's right to choose.
They do not support equal pay.
They do not support an increase in the minimum wage.
They want to cut Social Security and privatize it.
They want to cut Medicare and privatize it.

They want to cut and eliminate the taxes they pay and thus defund social programs that help the poor in this country. 

They want to put a wall around the United States to prevent people like my landscaper Miguel (who is working in my backyard this morning as I type this) from entering this county like my ancestor Jonathan Tipton entered this country in 1692 from Jamaica.

My landscapers trimming holly trees in our backyard this morning - the work for a living and only want a better life like my ancestor Jonthan Tipton 

Todays Republican party is bought and paid for by a few very powerful and rich men (the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson among them).  

I voted straight Democratic this morning and I feel good about it! I believe we should elect politicians to office who serve the people and not a few obscenely rich oligarchs whose only goal is to accumulate more money to control the government for their own selfish interests. 

I voted straight Democratic this morning because I don't want my life to be dictated and controlled by religious zealots who seek to impose their religious views on me (and I'm not talking about ISIS but about far right Christian evangelicals). 

If you haven't voted yet, do so now!

The polls are open until 9 o'clock


  1. I voted!!!

    Peace <3

  2. Ron

    Being able to vote is indeed a privilege when you look at how so many other countries are run. I take it as a duty.


    1. Pat,
      I've always considered my right to vote as one of my most sacred privileges.

  3. Alas, my vote did no good. All the conservatives won and the pogrom begins.

    1. Same here Dr. Spo, same here.

  4. I've heard this morning, Ron, that the 'you-hate-who' have had a most unfortunately successful time of it. Swings and roundabouts - and the pendulum has, alas, swung. But it's all that invoking of the name of 'God' in the successful candidates' grateful speeches of thanks which must be especially worrying. We don't have to put up with all that nonsense here (thank God!)

    1. Ray,
      I won't miss all the negative ads, the roadside political signs and the incessant robo calls. Time to retreat and try and enjoy life now.

    2. Wise words, Ron - but it still deserves a :-(


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