Friday, November 21, 2014

Throwback Thursday - First Cousins

My cousins Jack Tinder (far left), Elaine Reynolds Tyson and me - at her father's funeral 2005
the three oldest children of The Hadfield girls - we have that special "oldest child" bond

This week's Throwback Thursday isn't throwing back that far, only to 2005.

Picture above is me at my Uncle George Reynolds funeral in September of 2005.  I am seated with my cousins Jack Tinder and Elaine Reynolds Tyson.  We three are the oldest children (first born) of the "Hadfield Girls" as my cousin Jack likes to call his mother (Grace) and my Mother (Betty) and his Aunt Jeanette.  

My Mom (Betty), and her two older sisters (Jeanette Reynolds and Grace Wagner)  - September 2005
My Mom was the youngest of the five children my grandfather George Hadfield and his wife Ethel (Hickman) had.  She also had two brothers, Randall (Randy) and George, Jr.

My Mom with her two older brothers George and Randy - 1928

Both of my Mom's older brothers never had families.  George, Jr. never married.  I strongly suspect he was gay but have no basis for that other than he never had a girlfriend or anything close to it.  George was born the same year as my father (1920) and back in those days, if you were gay you stayed in the closet which is what I suspected Uncle George did.  Besides, who doesn't have a family who doesn't have an "Uncle George" in it?  Grace Kelly had a gay "Uncle George (Kelly).  

Uncle George L. Hadfield, Jr. - 1942 Army Engineers
My uncle Randy was a different story.  He died young in an automobile accident in 1942 (shortly after I was born) at the young age of twenty.  I heard a lot about Uncle Randy growing up, he was the star of the Hadfield family. A classic example of the good die young.

Uncle Randall L. Hadfield, Jr. - 1940
I've done massive research on my paternal genealogy (Tipton) line.  Some years ago while I was doing research my Mother gently reminded me "Aren't you interested in my line, the Hadfields?"  I sheepishly had to admit that I was not.  However, to assuage her and later to my great pleasure I started to research my maternal ancestral line.  What I found was most interesting.  Whereas my paternal Tipton ancestors first immigrated to this country (from Jamaica of all places!)

in the 1690's. I'm a ninth generation American from my father's side, my maternal Hadfield ancestors didn't immigrate to this country until the 1850's.  I used to tease my Mother that her line were almost "wetbacks" compared to my father's line.  

Me and my cousins visiting my Aunt Jeanette at Simpson Meadows - 2005

I have to stop myself now because I could go on days, and weeks and months once I start with the family genealogy but I thought this would be an interesting diversion for this week's "Throwback Thursday" (plus I've set in permanence part of my life history on the Internet forever so when I'm gone others in my family who follow me won't have to do the research that I've just done).

My grandfather George Lincoln Hadfield, Sr. and his family 1923 (my Mother is in this picture, she wasn't born yet but my grandmother was pregnant with her thus standing behind my Aunt Grace)
One of my very favorite pastimes is digging into my family history.  I love it! How about you?  

My father's side of the family - YEP! Hillbillies all.  Know how you can tell? The wringer washing machine is on the front porch - 1939 - my Uncle Sam, Bruce and Tip are in this classic photo


  1. I think it's neat that you can trace things back to far! It's really interesting. It also inspires me to work on mine.

    Peace <3

    1. Jay,
      I could spend the rest of my days researching and building my family genealogy history.

  2. I am glad to be close still with most of my cousins. Many I keep in touch regularly via FB.

    1. Dr. Spo,
      The main reason I am on Facebook is to keep up with by cousins via photos.


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