Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Welcome to Ron's World

 Remember that old Saturday Night Live skit "Wayne's World?" Well folks, welcome to "Ron's World"!

Yesterday morning, I began my usual routine after breakfast of taking the few steps to my home office.  As I was rounding the corner I noticed a snow falling lightly outside (as it is today too).  

I turned on my 27 inch iMac to check my e-mails and update my blog.  As I was doing so I noticed again the beauty of the gently falling snow outside.  At the same time I had my Pandora radio station on and it was playing a selection from the Bhudda Chill Out Lounge.  Who hasn't been to the Bhudda Chill Out Lounge?

So I decided an impromptu movie moment was in order via my iPhone.  So here it is folks, enjoy!

I love my home folks…..LOVE IT!  I grew up in apartments, our family never had our own home until I was a senior in high school.

2nd floor apartment front in the center of Downingtown, where I grew up - rent was $22.00 a month - the apartment building looks as dumpy today as it was when we moved there in 1948
My Mother and father and that's me with the big ass running up the steps to the apartment - funny, those steps seemed so much bigger when I was six years old

Then it was a 1,100 square foot ranch with three small bedrooms and one bathroom,  this for the five of us in the Tipton family. Me and my two younger (and much bigger brothers - we're all over 6'3") and my father (also over 6'3") and Mom (5'1").  It was a tight fit folks but is was our home.

Ariel view of the family home - first time we didn't live in an apartment
Front view of the 1,100 one bathroom family home - a tight squeeze for the five of us - my brother Isaac live there alone now - my bedroom was to the left with the awning - Isaac took the awning down

Then all too soon I was graduated from high school and joined the Army after a brief sojourn in the hospital (actually six months).  After the Army it was apartments again for Ron until I met Bill (my spouse).  After living in two apartments I urged him to buy a house.  Since then we've lived in three houses.  This one is the best although Bill would dispute that.  

Me and Bill's first house - a 16 ft by 50 ft town house in center city Philadelphia
Ariel view of our second house in the country on 6.875 wooded acres - Bill loved this house - I felt too isolated
Front view of our second house - the new owners have taken out most of the trees thus ruining the coziness of this location

These days folks, every day is a treat.  This is my final house.  I always say when I move again, they're going to take me out feet first.  And I wouldn't mind this musical accompaniment. 

Where we live now - can you tell a couple of gay guys live here?  Sure you can!  Check the flowers. We have the best floral display in the neighborhood.  Of course we do.


Amanda said...

Gorgeous home!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ron. I like your houses, especially your current one. And of course your all's landscaping is great! You are more optimistic than I am, as far as aging and stairs go. My next move will make sure there are no or very few steps involved. I love the look of multi-story homes (including yours), but those stairs become a challenge and even obstacle as some of us age. Like you, my partner is older than I am, but stairs even things out since I have a disability. I don't mind some isolation, but I hate dealing with the yard, drive, walkways, etc.

Thanks for the "Ron's World" video, altho at times I got a bit dizzy. Don't blame yourself; the same thing happens to me with a lot of hand-held cam vids. The Blair Witch Project left me unsure on my feet for almost 3 hours. My favorite part was when Bill put his hands up to keep you from filming him (and bless his heart, we could still see him); I'm the same way! I hate to be filmed, and will only put up with photos from family and very good friends. Go help Bill with his puzzle and enjoy the late winter snow.


anne marie in philly said...

I LOVE that philly rowhouse; a real charmer!

Jack said...

Loved the music and the house tour. What do you do with the rooms on the 2nd floor? Also enjoyed the photo's and portraits of you, you were(and still are) a handsome man. I agree, the Philly row house would have been my favorite back in the day when I was young and gorgeous lol but probably would have been in either your 2nd or your present house at this stage of my life. As it is I am in a small condo which suits my needs for both comfort and affordability. I do miss some dirt, flowers are important.

Anonymous said...

I can remember (and find on GoogleStreetView) every house I've lived in since I was a little over 6 months old. My parents were "up and comers", true predecessors to us Baby Boomers. They rented an apartment where I was conceived and born, then rented a house in a new city for a couple/three years. Then they bought the house across the street for $16,000. A fortune in 1961-62. Thus is the story of my life!

I love the row house, too!

Peace <3

Ur-spo said...

lovely memories, these.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
I cherish my memories, always.

Ron said...

We loved that row house too. Ironically, that is the most expensive house of all of my former homes. We purchased it for $27,000 in 1969. Now it is worth over $600,000! Location, location, location!

Ron said...

Anne Marie,
Bill and I both loved that row house in center city Philly. The picture on this blog was taken last November when Pat and I visited Philly. It is now in a very expensive neighborhood. Who knew?

Ron said...

Again, thank you for all your kind and generous words. Who knows? I plan to stay in my present house the rest of my life but I could easily manage a smaller house. This one is so big because Bill and I have to have our separate space. I do like all the windows though. I need a lot of light and windows. This house has that.

Ron said...

Thank you Nadege. We work hard to make it so. I've always wanted a "neighborhood house" to show off with my landscaping creativity

Ron said...

Thank you for your generous compliments. All appreciated. One of the main reasons I moved to this house which is described as a "ranch" is because of the single floor living. Bill's area is in the basement and my area is all on the first floor. The second floor was a bonus. It contains a bedroom, living room and bathroom. Good for guests. We don't use it. I got it as a freebie.
Bill doesn't like his picture taken or being videotaped. I don't mind. In fact I'm a camera hog. I help Bill a little bit with his puzzle but most of my time is spent right here, on my computer. Have a great day!

pat888 said...

Thanks, Ron, for the history. Enjoyable and interesting. I keep photos of all the places I've had too.


David Jeffreys said...

Please tell us more about the row house. Though I would not want to live there with all the steps inside, I find it very charming. How old is it? I'll bet it has beautiful woodwork inside. Knowing you, surely you have lots of pictures that were taken on the inside -- how's that for an idea of another post? I think Philadelphia is charming in its own historical way. After all, my 6-great grandfather lived there was one of the founders of Christ Church. His name, John Moore, is listed on the tablet at the entrance.

Ron said...

You're quite welcome Pat!


Ron said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I think I'll do a future blog posting with all that information. And yes, I do have "lots of pictures taken on the inside." How did you know? :)