Monday, February 17, 2014

Longer Days and Other Random Thoughts

Today's late afternoon sun out in our backyard

Have you noticed?  The days are getting longer.  Happy days!  I love this time of year when the days get longer.  Every day, a few more minutes of sunshine until June 19th, when the sun doesn't go down until after 9 pm.  I love it!

Only a couple more months to the first anniversary of my seed implants (brachytherapy) to treat my prostate cancer.  The good news is that my PSA count continues to go lower.  Before surgery my PSA score was 8.4.  Between 0-4 is considered "safe."  I was told that at my age I would probably die of something else besides prostate cancer but I didn't want to take that chance of a long, deli bating and painful death of the prostate cancer spreading to my bones or other organs of my body.  My prostate cancer was localized in my prostate gland.  I've had three blood tests since my surgery last May 2nd.  The scores have been 1.9, 1.9 and last week, 1.2.  It's going in the right direction.  I continue to have bothersome side effects from the brachytherapy, the main ones being fatigue.  I can control that by taking longer afternoon naps (a couple hours).  The other side effects I won't go into here on this family blog so use your imagination. 

Late afternoon sun in my bedroom

I'm putting the final touches on the upcoming Bloggerpalooza. The caterer has been contacted as well as the entertainment (hypnotist).  I have most of the prizes and yesterday I was at Michael's and purchased cute little sayings to attach to the name tags.  I already have the bling which I've been collecting during the year.  Also some really special "prizes" to surprise unsuspecting bloggers.  

The clock is ticking folks.  Bloggerpalooza will be here before we know it.  I'm glad it's in the springtime, just when the daffodils are bursting through the frozen ground. 

Ron's daffodil spectacular last year


Dr. Spo taking a photo of a strange plant he never sees in Arizona


anne marie in philly said...

I am so damn jealous - you have NO SNOW in your backyard!

the longer days AND sunshine are most welcome sights for me. I am so tired of white and grey and brown everywhere.

Ron said...

Anne Marie,
I remember all those years I used to call my friend Bob Mc. who lived in Sussex County when I lived in Pennsylvania. I would tell him about the latest snow fall and he would say "We didn't get any snow." I eventually told him "I have to move to Sussex County, Delaware!" And true to form, it rarely does snow down here. Since I've been here we've had two significant snow storms where the snow lasted longer than a week. When I lived in Pennsylvania and if we got a big snow in November, it stayed on the ground until March. I don't miss the snow at all!

Amanda said...

Very good news about the PSA score! (Have you been watching "Downton Abbey"? I loved the first 2 seasons but except for few moments in the last and this season, it is dragging and predictable. They need to hire better writers).

Ron said...

I'm recording "Downton Abbey" on my DVR to watch later. I'm binge watching "The Good Wife" now. Love that show! Have you seen it? I'm sorry to hear that this season is dragging and predictable. Isn't it interesting how easy it is to spot well written episodes as opposed to those not so well written? Most of the episodes of "TGW" are well written and unpredictable but a few were not. Easy to tell the difference.

Ur-spo said...

I would love to see some more daffodils this March.

Anonymous said...

I don't have snow in my backyard, but I will have snow nearby until JUNE! I promise to take a picture and post it.

I love Downton Abbey. I will go there the next time I am in England.

Happy to hear the Bloggerpalooza is coming along. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I will bring my camera even though Fred and Mark will be there. Maybe I'll shoot nothing but video.

Peace <3

Ron said...

They should be up by then, the early ones anyway.Just for you. :)

Ron said...

I am so glad Mark and Fred are coming. I cleared out my Flip video camera. I plan to video the entire hypnotist session. This should be fun!

pat888 said...


2 great things to look forward to - your well organized Boggerpalooza and spring weather. This winter has been a doozy - I'm going to make a point of really enjoying the milder weather!! I'm happy too that all the folks you hoped would come are able to make it. You must put a lot of effort into this event.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Ron. You all have a huge back yard! Do you mow it yourself or hire out the lawn care?

For your brachytherapy: do they take the seeds back out at some point? I ask because my uncle needs this type of treatment, and he is very resistant mainly because of the side effects you allude to. His PSA is 9.1, but he is a bit younger than you (early 60's).

Ron said...

How mows my back yard? It is almost an acre. Bill mows it and it does keep him quite busy in the summer. Some days he has to mow it every four days. To answer your question about brachytherapy, no the seeds do not come out. After about 18 months they cease of be radioactive. The side effects, while not pleasant are manageable. Some erectile dysfunction, some incontinence, and the biggest is probably the fatigue which usually descends in the afternoon. I'm including a link to the web discussion group that was very helpful for me. Perhaps you would like to check it out. Good luck!

Ron said...

Oh I am so looking forward to the spring weather. We're getting a preview this week. The daffodil green shoots have already started to pop up through the cold earth. I'm looking forward to seeing you again Pat.