Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Change in the Air

My favorite place - our backyard - ready for me to dawdle in

The past couple of days actually felt like Spring.  Robins frolicking in the backyard, pooping in my birdbaths, building nests in the non-fruit bearing cherry tree in our front yard.  

The daffodils have had a rough go of it this year but they're finally coming alive with their bright smiles of Spring

Warm spring breezes caressing my wizened face.  Shopping at BJ's sans jacket, smiles on local populace faces that say "Winter is FINALLY over!"  But wait……snow is forecast for this Tuesday.  Yes folks, you heard correctly.  M.O.R.E. S.N.O.W.  Holy smokes!

The last snow in our backyard - cold

Already we've received SEVEN times more snow than normal for this area of southern Delaware.  Yes, you heard that right……SEVEN TIMES.  Sure, I know we're a lot better off down here on the good old Delmarva peninsula than others areas of the country like say……Atlanta, Georgia that got a whole two inches of snow that closed that city and adjoining Interstate down but come on.  

I'm still in wind down mode from the activities of the past few weeks. It is with a great sense of relief to know that never again ("Never say never") that I will never again do an event.

Me (with sequined hat-what else?) at my 35th class reunion (and yes, I supplied the feather boas for my two female classmates, this was in 1994 - some things never change

 For the past seven years I have been heavily involved in organizing and working on pulling off either a family reunion, class reunion, or blogger reunion, affectionally called a "Bloggerpalooza."  While all these activities are fun, it has come time folks for me to hang up my Event Planner Hat.  

Hey, I even do Bowling Banquets - this one I'm emceeing from from the Sixties

I'm handing over the reins to others and retiring from the festivities.  In fact, I'm not even attending my 55th class reunion this year in September.  That's a first since my 20th class reunion.  

I have an hour videotape of this reunion - I really should transfer it to DVD
And I have to saw, it is with a great sense of relief that I don't have one of these upcoming events looming on the horizon like I have had for the past too many years.  Time to fade in the background folks.  

Ron - Event Planner - glitter and hard at work herding the cats = 1994 - 20 years ago!
Years ago I used to make fun of my Mom and her ever ending rounds of doctor's appointments.  Well, you know the old "What goes 'round comes 'round".  Now that seems to be my life.  Upcoming in my near future is a Sleep Test (which I am seriously considering canceling) and a stress test (I'll probably keep that one since I do have some minor heart problems as do both of my younger brothers).  I think I've been able to put off the heart problems because I've kept my weight down unlike both of my brothers who put on quite the pounds over the years and are now paying the price.  But this old ticker of mine has been beating away since November of 1941 and sooner or later… stops.  Time to slow down folks and take stock and evaluate what is really important in my life and what is not.  This is a subject I've addressed before in previous blog posts and will continue to do so in future blog posts.  I have to set priorities with the limited time and energy that I have left.  

Yep, that's me (on the left) explaining to my classmate something in the class reunion booklet I put together - 2004 - 45th Class reunion

I am fortunate that I have several people in my life who truly care about me and I will return their kindness and caring likewise.  As for the negative in my life, I will leave those people and situations far behind like the man in a space suit who is launched into the infinite expanse of the universe. Gone.

Downingtown High School 50th Class Reunion 2009 - where did all these old people come from?
Me and my fellow classmate Marlene R.  at our 50th Class Reunion - she's gone now as are too many of my classmates - I used to have a schoolboy crush on Marlene - I told her about it at this reunion and she got a charge out of it
Marlene's reaction after I told her about my crush on her - SOOO embarrassing
Me (center) and Marlene) right - 1958 - yearbook photo - little did she know I was smitten by her - any wonder why she didn't take notice of me? Major Dork - that was me back then (and maybe still)

Now the really observant will notice that I have a white beard at my 35th reunion but at my 50th my beard miraculously changes to brown.  Amazing!


  1. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Hi, Ron. I'm glad that you left your blog "open" and all that entails. You might consider using email verifications, altho that of course can be faked with a made-up email, I'm guessing. I think the attitude of "those who care, will do so" works best for you.

    I'm sorry that you got a whiner/complainer that brought you down for Bloggerpalooza. While I couldn't attend (and as a lurker, I think it would kind of be creepy if I did), I thought your itinerary sounded fun. From what I've read around the blogosphere, you brought off yet another fun time for folk that wanted to have fun!

    I want to let you know that you should feel free to let go of responsibility for reunions or meet-ups like this. You've done a stellar job, and give it over to others if they want to continue things. The family reunion for my family (maternal side) is the same way. I felt especially snubbed when the same distant cousin who hugged me and kissed me at a funeral just walked by me at the reunion. I doubt I will be back at the reunion if they keep insisting on a yearly one. Honestly, she needed a light and I tried to offer her one, but walk on by.

    ~~~ NB

    1. NB,
      Definitely I will do no more family reunions. This year I was embarrassed at how few family members showed up. I hope it wasn't because my newly married husband was with me but I suspect that was the case with my predominantly religious (Southern Baptist) family. When I can't even get my own two brothers and their families to attend, I think it's time to give it up. I feel very relieved now that I don't have an event looming in my future. Feels nice just to coast out with nothing but my regular series of doctor's appointments. Now if I can just figure out a way to get rid of them but that probably won't be possible.

    2. Anonymous2:47 AM

      Well, if that was the case, I feel sorry for them. They are missing out on what I am guessing was a great party. HOWEVER, sometimes those things just die out, especially on a yearly basis; my brother would never make a reunion, because of his work schedule ("there's always next yr ... the kids will be older and better behaved and easier to look after ... etc."). Have you considered a bi-annual one? Or even ever 5 years?

      And I forgot to brag on you for following through with those MD appts. There is a rather hateful line from "The Boys in the Band" about "faggots" dying; I personally don't CHOOSE to let that apply to me. And there is nothing wrong with being a bit afraid about getting older and the ailments that can come with it, and personally I think it takes a real MAN to address those issues. I wish and hope for only the best for you, but I certainly can understand why you might be worried from time to time. Having survived the great plague of AIDS, I know that I freak out a bit more than I should when I have health problems. I'm lucky to have had good PCP's to help me through my worries.

      ~~~ NB

      ~~~ NB

    3. NB,
      Yes, I'm quite sure more than a few of my family members were freaked out that I decided to not adhere to the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" sham. Sure, I'm sure they all knew I was/am gay but as long as I didn't say anything about it, they gave me a pass. But when I decided to bring my spouse to the reunion, that was more than they could bear. Their loss absolutely.
      I'm not afraid of dying just of HOW I'm going to die. I don't want a long and prolonged and humiliating illness preceding death like what is happening to my long time friend Bob McC. right now. My main fear is that I won't get everything done that I want to before I die but then it doesn't matter much does it because I'll be dead and won't know anything anyway.
      Yep, I did survive the AIDS plague. Just. It was in 1980 that I had enough of the Philadelphia bar scene and moved out into the country. Had nothing to do with AIDS which at that time was called "GRID" and thought caused by inhaling poppers which I did all the time when I went dancing at the clubs. Like most of my life, I was very lucky with my timing.
      I'm glad you got through that period also.
      Have a great day!

  2. Ron,
    I was just commenting on FB to a friend and former boss that life used to go by swiftly and now goes by all too quickly. Apparently this happens as we age, even though time has always been consistently the same, age seems to make us aware of just how short life really is. This awareness at least on my part has already dictated that I change lifestyles and just slow down. I have been very successful at slowing down, due in part to my body forcing me to do whether I want to or not. I used to push back but now I listen most of the time.
    You have certainly earned your stripes and at this stage in life, do whatever you feel like doing. You earned it.
    Happy spring? time!

    1. Jack,
      I'm surprised at how many of my classmates have died since our last (50th) class reunion. I think I have my picture taken with each one too. I'm wondering if I'm the "Kiss of Death." I was going to do a blog posting on those photos but perhaps not, too depressing.

      I've done enough of events. Time for someone else to take the reins. I'm tired. I really am.


  3. Anonymous9:41 PM

    What?!?!?!!? You're not planning and hosting Bloggerpalooza 3?!?!?!?!

    Oh my.

    Peace <3

    1. Sorry Jay, I've done my last Bloggerpalooza. I'm going out on a high point like the Seinfeld TV show. I did everything I could to make this year's a success and I'm glad everyone had a good time. But it's time to give someone else a chance. There's talk of having one in Philly. I'll go to that one. Philly is my favorite city.

  4. Ron, it can be very hard to say "NO" to something, especially if you are very good at it, such as organizing events in your case. I definitely understand where you are coming from, because I've had to learn to say NO also at times. I can tell you that everyone in your high school class is happy that you organized reunions, and that many in your family will wonder if anyone will ever organize another family reunion. Those of us who have been to the two Bloggerpaloozas that you organized and hosted so well, know that it just would not have happened if it had not been for Ron Tipton. Hopefully, the Bloggerpalooza idea is now an accepted annual event for someone to pick up and host it one year at a time.

    Every year here in Wilmington, NC, we have an Azalea Festival in the Spring (in a couple of weeks) and a Riverfest in the autumn. They now have big committees, and someone is picked to host and be the head organizer. Sometimes, a person will do it several years in a row, but often they get "burned out" pretty quickly and eager to hand the reins over to someone else.

    I suggest that from the blogger group, about ten join a Bloggerpalooza Event Committee (BEC), and you should be on the first committee, especially for advice. Let the BEC then choose the host, host city, and events to organize around it. Right now, a year in advance is not too early for the committee to organize and begin discussion with the selection of a date for next year -- preferably AFTER WINTER!

    I think other bloggers in our group as well as myself want to say a BIG THANK YOU for getting us started. If we liked it enough, we should be able to carry it on. Then you should be able to enjoy it as a participant like the rest of us.

    1. David,
      I'm one of those persons who have a very difficult time saying "No." I'm afraid I will have to this time though. Already I feel the relief in knowing that I don't have another event looming in the future. I have enough stress with my series of regular doctor's appointments. Besides, it's time for someone else to have a blogger event at a different location on the East Coast. Some were talking about Philadelphia next year which would make sense because it's easy to get too. Unlike where Dr. Spo had to rent a car and take a two hour drive from the Baltimore airport to Lewes the past two years. I would go the one in Philly, my favorite city.

  5. I guess I am not very observant because I didn't notice the change in beard color.
    If all those events were stressful, I understand why you would not want to do it again. Just take care of yourself and enjoy your loved ones.

    1. Nadege,

      Exactly right! Take care of myself and enjoy loved ones. The clock is ticking and none of us is getting any younger. As I age I find these events more stressful. Time to change and redirect what energy I have left to less stressful activities.


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