Saturday, March 01, 2014

A New Thrift Store In Town

The American Veteran's Thrift Store - first day of business

Bill and I visited the newest thrift store in town.  It's called the Veteran's Thrift store.  Not a real imaginative name I admit.  

Here in Gayberry Rehoboth beach and its environs (Lewes and Milton) we have a plethora of thrift stores.  Loads of them.  It's obvious because we have a large retiree population.  When us old folks die (there I go again), our relatives generally don't want our leavings unless it's cash.  Quite often the homes of the deceased that go up for sale say "furnished." 

I know for a fact that my nieces and one nephew and many grand nieces and grand nephews don't want anything from their old gay uncle except maybe the cash.  I don't plan on leaving a lot of cash behind but there may be some.

Since moving to LSD (Lower Slower Delaware) in 2007, I've been reluctantly departing with some of my "stuff."  I admit it is hard to part with the things I've accumulated over the past 72 years.  Funny thing though, once that formerly treasured possessions are out of the house, I haven't missed on of them.  That tells you something.

Bill is very fond of taking first time visitors to Casa Tipton-Kelly to my "Media Room" down in our beautifully finished basement and showing them all my "stuff", obviously hoping to shame me into getting rid of it.  I admit making choices of who and what to expel from Casa Tipton-Kelly is probably some of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make in my life.  I am a repressed hoarder.  There…..I've said it.  

My "Media Room" (my shame)

So today we visited this new thrift store.  It's convenient, just down the road from Casa Tipton-Kelly.  And it is open Sunday.  In fact it is open seven days of the week.  How about that?  Unlike the other thrift stores that are only open five days (closed Mondays).  Also this one has decent hours, 8 am in the morning instead of 10 am which is bad when traveling on Route One, especially in the summertime.  This thrift store gets it.  And they're getting my stuff. Starting tomorrow.

Of course I did leave the thrift store today with a purchase…..beads for the upcoming Bloggerpalooza.  Hey, why not?

Bloggerpalooza beads


  1. what, you didn't already have beads in your "media room"? and how come bill never showed ME that room when I visited your casa? ;-)

    oh well, with this week being mardi gras (this tuesday), it's appropriate.

    1. Anne Marie,
      You're in charge of handing out the bling at the Bloggerpalooza.

    2. you can't make me! (stamps foot, sticks out tongue)

  2. Ron,
    You might consider yourself a repressed hoarder but your hoard is very neat. Can't fault you on that. My mother who died this past year at almost 101 years downsized twice between age 95 and 99 starting from a large 2 bedroom 2 bath condo to a one bedroom one bath apartment to a studio apartment. Don't know how she managed to do it but she brought everything she could from the condo to the apartment and then the studio. It was very difficult to get her to part with anything. Over the years I took items that I wanted so when she died there wasn't really anything that I did want but there was sooooooooooo much of everything else. I offered the family anything they wanted and was still stuck with the furniture, clothes (she had tons). Yes the thrift store got quite a bit. I just signed everything over to them and closed the door. Since the rent on her studio apartment was $2900.00 per month I was anxious to get out asap, no way were they going to get another months rent. I find that letting go is becoming more difficult as I get older but I am determined that I leave nothing of value to anyone. I hope I spend it all before I depart this earth. If there is anything left it will go to the local cat rescue league here in town.
    12 days left.
    Time is drawing

    1. Jack,
      I too would like to leave whatever I have left to a local animal rescue group. But I have to do my due diligence. We just had a no kill shelter which raised tons of money for several years just close because of mismanagement. Where did all that money go? And they killed the remaining 23 dogs left in the shelter. In some ways, I'll be glad when I get off this earth. In the meantime, I plan to enjoy and try not to focus on the bad people who take advantage of others and especially animals.

      Have a great day Jack!


  3. Anonymous1:05 PM

    I am trying to get motivated to divest. And I'm only 55. I know my relatives will dump it all as quickly as possible. I have stuff they didn't want from mom and dad's house, so why would they want it when I go? Not to mention all the crap that I haven't looked at in 12 years that sits in the attic. I need a 20 cubic yard dumpster right outside my office window, so I can just toss it out!

    Peace <3

    1. Folks, comment is from Jay Murphy, who committed suicide.

  4. Ron

    I guess I just evolved into dispensing with stuff. The word actually seems odd sometimes when I say it. Oddly enough - the less i have the more content I get.


  5. Anonymous12:07 AM

    Daniel and I love thrift stores!!! Always find something fun and interesting. I wish we could make it to the Bloggerpalooza. I also wish I could send you some of these beads we collected at the Mardi Gras parades, this year. We have bags and bags of them!!!! Don't have a clue what to do with them. They may end up at the thrift store!!!!
    Your friend,

  6. Heather E.10:54 PM

    Hi Ron! I happened to stumble across your page tonight as I researched thrift stores online. I also live in Rehoboth, and amazingly enough, I am in the beginning stages of starting my own thrift store. As a gentleman that likes these types of stores, do you mind if I ask what you enjoy about them? What do you, as a customer, want to see? What don't you want? What recommendations or suggestions would you offer? My store won't be located in Rehoboth or Lewes, as I'm planning to move more inland to the Millsboro/Long Neck area (fingers crossed, spring 2017). I want to make sure when I do it, I do it right, and provide what customers truly want. Thanks so much for your time!!

    1. Heather,
      Good luck with your thrift store. We can always use another thrift store. Personally, I look for books and kitchenware. Bill looks for electronics.


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