Saturday, November 23, 2013

Meandering Musings on a Fall Saturday

WRONG Post Office

Nothing exciting to report today folks.  Just a quiet Saturday.  Oh I did run into a bit of a kerfuffle trying to send a few documents to my friend Pat in Canada.  God, one would think I was a terrorist trying to send liquid nitrogen to Canada.  The guy at the post office said I needed to fill out a Customs Declaration form and the cost of mailing would be $45.75.  Obviously he didn't know what he was talking about.  I exited the post office and went to another Post Office and mailed my package of copied documents for $2.45, sans filling out a Customs Declaration form.  Yes folks, the terrorists have won.

RIGHT Post Office

That done I went to the local Food Lion and got even more frustrated trying to buy some frozen fruit (a woman with a  overflowing grocery cart was blocking my way to the frozen food doors - I think she was stunned - she didn't move for a full ten minutes) to the woman ahead of me in the checkout line who paid for her purchase with actual dollar bills and coins which she had to fish out of her purse, walled and special coin pocket (Oh God, where do these people come from?)

Holly berry tree trimming time

Once home I had a relaxing lunch of Panera loaded potato soup (loaded with artery clogging calories but what the hey?) and a hummus wrap sprinkled with feta cheese. I tried the "extra spicy" hummus this time.  I like spicy but this was too spicy.  Talk about a party in your mouth.  I felt like my mouth was in Tijuana after a Saturday night blitz. 

I AM tall enough to reach the top.

Nap time after lunch as is my usual habit.  I am a creature of habit if nothing else.  

Bill goes for the angle shot

Then, rested and unwound from the frustrations of earlier today I was energized enough to tackle trimming my holly trees in my backyard.  There is a catbird out there that's been scolding me all week because I haven't trimmed those holly trees prior to the cold coming on.  I told Bill to take some photos of me trimming the errant holly trees just to prove to everyone I do more than complain, eat lunch and nap.  I actually do something constructive.  

God!  I look more like my father every day.  He used to let his mouth hang open like this too.

Oh, I almost forgot.  I make DVD copies of the Bloggerpalooza movie and sent them out to the desired recipients (you know who you are) today.  Look for that happy DVD in the mail next week.  

"Isn't this the tree that had the wasps in it?"

Yes indeed, a very productive day in spite of a hurdle here and there.  

Now I think I'll make myself a smoothie and take in one of my Netflix DVD movies.  "Madmen", Season Six.


  1. Anonymous9:50 PM

    I know what you mean about international mailing. I had to train the post office near my work on hos to deal with it. Now it's easy!

    You have holly bushes, mine are all TREES. Didn't go grocery shopping today. Will do tomorrow, I hope.

    Peace <3

    1. Jay,

      I love my holly trees. They actually are trees. I misspoke when I said they were "bushes." I hope they get huge. They started out as sticks.

      I knew the guy at the Post Office didn't know what he was talking about because he kept apologizing to me. A Post Office employee apologizing to a lowly civilian? Wow.


  2. DVDs? WOW! so happy! a guess a well-placed comment from a nudgie (me)...

    you don't need customs forms to send documents anywhere EVER! I ship for my company and have never encountered stupidity like that.

    so, did you find any wasps?

    1. Anne Marie,
      The DVD is on its way! I may even make another before Christmas. Don't hold me to it though. I like making those DVD's and our first ever Bloggerpalooza was a once in a lifetime event.

      Nope, didn't find any wasps. They're probably dormant now. However, Miguel, my landscaper almost got stung big time when he was trimming one of those holly trees last summer. Close call!


  3. Last week I had to mail a package to New York via Priority Mail and it cost twelve dollars. There's only one post office in my half-assed Texas town so I have no choice. The postal clerk always gives me a deliberately hard time. He's kinda cute and I can never tell if he's flirting or if he actually hates me. I'm not about to give him any encouragement. This is cow country not Tinseltown. I don't want to get tarred & feathered or lynched.

    You said that you're a creature of habit. I'm a creature of bad habits and I can't control myself.
    By the way, I really like those holly trees.

    By the way again - I promise that I won't delete this comment like I did the previous one. My comments are usually filled with typos....and I never see them until they're published.

    1. Jon,

      I don't think I've ever seen a happy postal clerk. And to think I actually applied for a job as a Post Office employee (was finally accepted after nine month but had already started my banking job so I let it pass.)

      Oh yes, I am definitely a creature of habit. I like routine and an occasional departure. Makes life interesting.


  4. Your life always sounds lovely viz. daily doings which sound mundane but are delightful to me.

    1. Dr. Spo,

      Thank you! I love my life now. Not that it doesn't have its complications (whose doesn't?) but where I am at now is what I have strived for all my life. All those years commuted to and from my job in Philly, the years of so many beautiful days lost because I was trapped in an office, the many hours of work at so many different jobs just to arrive at this point to "do the mundane." I love it and I think it is delightful that you see that. You are indeed a very observant man. That's just another reason why I like you.


  5. Ron

    You so often crack me up. This time with the spicy hummus. "Talk about a party in your mouth. I felt like my mouth was in Tijuana after a Saturday night blitz".

    1. Pat,

      I like spicy but that hummus was really SPICY! I'm using it on top of my regular hummus. Just a little spice is all I need.



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