Saturday, April 06, 2013

Bill's Mom

Bill and his Mom (about 1952) in Toccoa, Georgia
Until this morning I've never seen a picture of Bill with his Mom.  

When I came into the kitchen for breakfast this morning, Bill was sitting in his Archie Bunker chair with his iPad.  He told me "Mark (his grand nephew) sent me a picture of me with my Mom." 

I said "Oh, can I see it?"  As I said earlier I've never seen a picture of Bill with his Mom.  Well, actually I have seen another picture of Bill with his Mom and that was one Mark sent last year of Bill with his two older sisters, and his half brother  and his Mom.  They were all little kids.  Such a precious picture.  

Bill with his Mom, sisters and half brother Norman Brown, Jr. - 1932

Bill's Mom died suddenly at age 52 about a year before I met Bill. I never had the privilege of meeting her. I've always wondered what she would have thought of me.  I know I would have liked her.  

Bill and my Mom became good friends.  My Mom was only four years older than Bill.  When she died in 2010 Bill lost one of his best friends.  

I'm not a religious person (all that "man-made" religion I can't stomach, no disrespect to those who do follow organize religion) but I am a spiritual person.  I believe that if there is any kind of existence after our earthly "tour of duty", that I will meet Bill's Mom.  Hey, who knows, maybe our Moms are already together and waiting for us. Now that would really be Heaven.

Bill and my Mom 1969 having dinner at our house in Philadelphia, PA. Also in the photo is my brother John and his wife Barbara and their two daughters Nancy and Vickey. Check out that "state of the art" TV in the dining room.  That was living!

Bill and me today at Gordon's Pond,  Delaware


  1. 2 happy dudes at the beach! :)

    state of the art tv with rabbit ears - was it color or b&w? and guess what kids: no remote, only 5 channels, worked with tubes in the back, didn't play video games, and you couldn't hang it on the wall!

    1. Anne Marie,

      It was a black and white TV. I brought it with us from my apartment in Coatesivllle. It was the first TV I ever owned. I saw a lot of great shows on that TV.


  2. Randy in NEB1:30 PM

    Hey Ron, I'm with Anne Marie, you two look very happy. Also I think my Granny had a TV just like that. Back then video games were trying to get a watchable picture on our channel 3, 88 miles away. And we only had three channels to watch, ha ha. On a side note I don't know how to include a pic with my post, I'd like to email a photo of me. So check your in box. Later all. Randy.

    1. Randy,

      We thought we were the cat's meow with a TV in the dining room and one in my bedroom. Whoo ho!


  3. Nice post. I can't imagine his mom NOT liking you!
    That looks like a BIG POND that Gordon has, too.
    Peace <3

    1. Jay,

      Actually that's "North Shores" and the Atlantic Ocean behind us. For some reason to get there it's called "Gordon's Pond." I think the reference is to the wetlands trail that takes you there.

      And yes, I am sorry that I never met Bill's Mom. However, she was freaked out when she Bill came out to her. That issue wasn't resolved before she died. Hopefully, if she could have met me I could have won her over. I know Bill won my Mom over, because she was also freaked out when I came out to her. She and Bill ended up best friends.



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