Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Three B's

Bob, Bob and Bill, are the Three B’s I had dinner with last night. I had to redeem myself from the Dinner Disaster of last week with Bill, Bob and Jay. Dinner last night was a success. The only missing ingredient was our friend Jay, who returned to his home in Landisville, Pennsylvania. I’ll make it up to him the next time he drives his new Subaru Imprezza through the flat coastal plain that is Sussex County, Delaware.

The menu was very simple last night – Swiss steak, Smashed Potatoes, and salad. For dessert we had Hawaiian Wedding cake. My Swiss steak recipe is a longtime staple of mine. I measure nothing when preparing this recipe. It’s a little different each time but always good. Last night was no exception.

As is always the case with a gathering of old friends, it was a night of good conversation and gentle teasing camaraderie. Sometimes it is best to have a meal at home instead of fighting traffic to get to a restaurant to face uncertain service and a roll of the dice for food quality. The only thing certain with dining out in the Rehoboth Beach area is that it’s going to cost you a lot. That is my great disappointment about living in this area of southern Delaware, the lack of reasonably priced good restaurants. They just aren’t here.

That said, last night was an enjoyable repast and we will have to do it again soon. As for today, I’m off to my dentist in Dover for a teeth cleaning. I can hardly wait.

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