Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Car Repairs

It's late and I'm way past my bedtime but I did want to get this post in. Early this morning Bill and took a ride down to The Garage. A place I've been visiting a lot lately with my ten year old red Subaru Forester. My Check Engine light came on again. I figure I better get this checked out. Fearing the worst (that I would need a new catalytic converter) I turned the keys in at the front desk at The Garage (don't you just love that name for the garage that I go for automobile repairs?)

Half an hour later I got the verdict. I know I'm screwing this up but it had something to do with my spark plugs and the "knock"? Anyway, it wasn't the catalytic converter. I still have to put the car in for repairs but the cost will be a third less than I was anticipating. I take the buggy in tomorrow and drop it off to get it repaired. Then I'm ready for the next unexpected financial expense.
I have found one thing to be true since I've retired, expect the unexpected.


  1. Ron,

    have you noticed any ping or knock in your engine lately? Sounds as if your timing is off on the spark igniting fuel. Maybe dirty spark plugs, maybe some gunk in there. What kind of octane do you use and what is your caravan rated for? Low octane can cause this.


  2. Lar,

    Yes, that is what the guy at The Garage said, the timing is off on the spark igniting fuel and I have noticed a ping. It's going to cost me $300 to get it fixed. I think it is more than dirty spark plugs.

  3. It could be worse. "The Garage" couuld have been named "You're Screwed" LOL

  4. Ha! Actually, I have a lot of confidence in them. They have a reputation for honesty and it shows by the business they get. There are times they advise against doing a job which I thought needed done. They could have easily taken advantage of me. They didn't.

    When I used to take my car to my dealer I always got raked over the coals. Not with The Garage. I'm very happy with them.

  5. Dealership service SUCKS!!! I go to some good guys also. The name of their shop is "Valley Smog".

  6. Mike,

    You are absolutely right about dealership service. It is lousy. They were always overcharging me for something. I guess they have a large overhead. Good to hear you have a good auto repair place too.

  7. They're trying to make up lost car sales revenue by being (creative) in the service bay. Is this where I am have to say "that is just my opinion"

  8. Mike,

    One always has to be on guard, always.


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