Monday, June 22, 2009

Missing My Monday Nights

This is the second Monday night I'm not working a the hotel. I don't work next Monday night either. I was asked to fore go these Monday nights so a co-worker could have the Fourth of July weekend off so she could spend time with her son before he ships out to Iraq.

I'm always willing to help and being flexible with my work schedule was one of the offers I made to my employer when I first applied for the job of part-time front desk clerk way back in April of 2007. I knew there was a need for flexibility for the position I was applying for. I found that out when I worked at the Hampton Inn as a part time night auditor back in 1998. I was frequently asked to fill in for my co-workers which I was glad to do.

This is the longest stretch of time that I'm not working at the hotel. By the time I go back to work on July 2nd I will have been away from the job for three weeks. The most I've been away before was a week and half. Even with that short layoff I noticed that my rhythm was off when I got back to work. Working the busy Fourth of July weekend should be interesting because it will be very busy that weekend.

Not working three weeks has also thrown of my rhythm at home. At first I was working Monday and Thursday nights, from 3 to 11 and every other weekend. One weekend I would work 7 to 3. Then I would have a weekend off and then work 3 to 11. That stopped several months ago. Now my hours have been cut back to only Monday nights because of the poor economy.

Working once or twice a week was the pefect schedule for me. I worked and then I had plenty of time off. I'm not at the point in my life when I want all of my time off. I feel like I'm without an anchor if I don't have a job to go to, if only part-time. I would never work full-time again. That is completely out of the picture. Working full-time at this time of my life I would feel trapped. No, working part-time is perfect for me. But, this three week layoff, it isn't working.

Well, one good thing about not working at the hotel, I don't have to apologize to the guests for all the rain we're having in Lower Slower (aka Sussex County, Delaware.) I just know the sun will be shining all five days when I'm working again. Murphy's Law.


Mike, Studio city said...

We get no rain in southern Ca. in the summer. From May until Oct. you can plan any outside activities. We do get a lot of cool ocean fog, low clouds, especially in May and June, but it's nice. I feel like I live in paradise. Now, if all the cars would just dissapear. LOL Mike

Ron Tipton said...

I think you and Glenn do live in a paradise. However, the three years I have lived here the first two years it was all sun and the crops dried up in the fields. This year it is rain, gray skies, thunderstorms, an occasional breakthrough of the sun accompanied by humidity. Rarely have we had a nice day. I can count the nice days we have had this year on two hands. I'm not complaining though. I do love the Delmarva Peninsula. The traffic is a problem but only in the summertime. That's now. It's a bear. We who live here year round stay away from the beach during the summer. Getting there is gridlock. Not worth it. Still, I wouldn’t live anywhere else on earth except maybe the Smoky Mountains.

Mike, Studio city said...

Same here. Our beach visits stop from June until Sept. Sometimes we do drive up the coast to Santa Barbara. It's only an hour away. On the pier there is a geat place to eat called Moby Dicks. mmmm New England clam chowder. Mike