Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Bluebird Nest!

New bluebird nest

Purple Martin eggs

We have a new bluebird nest! After a delay of about ten days, mama and papa bluebird have built a new, neat nest. The bluebird pair is apparently the same because the Biggest Bluebird I’ve Ever Seen, is again perched atop the bluebird box. Of course there were a few forays into the bluebird box by the errant house sparrow but the Biggest Bluebird I’ve Ever Seen quickly took care of that unwelcomed intruder.

In a day or two I expect to see four small blue bluebird (what other color would they be?) eggs in the new bluebird nest. In about a month the new baby bluebirds will be grown and out exploring their new world just like their sisters and brothers are doing now.

The swallows have built a nest in one of the other bluebird houses. Their pure white eggs are nestled in another neat nest lined with white feathers. It’s interesting that each bird has its own unique nest. The Purple Martins don’t build so much of a nest as they line the bottom of their aluminum compartment with broad pieces of straw. The Purple Martin eggs are also pure white. Only the house sparrow eggs are a tan with brown dots. The house sparrow nests are a mess. Everything and anything is in their nest from trash to straw and plastic.

The Purple Martins quickly claimed the last compartment in their tall six apartment birdhouse when I removed the sparrow nest on Monday. From what I can tell the Purple Martins have already raised one batch of young ones and are now working on the second batch. I think the Purple Martins only raise two batches of young ones before they leave for the season.

This year, for the first time, both of the gourds hanging beneath the Purple Martin house area occupied by swallows. One gourd was occupied by another Taliban sparrow but it only took two cleanings to get that sparrow out of there. I think the house sparrows took up in my neighbor’s birdhouses.

Each evening Bill and I sit out on our deck and watch the Purple Martins sort out their pecking order. We enjoy their graceful swooping of the swallows over our back yard looking for a meal. The bluebirds seem to be more preoccupied with guarding their nest and feeding their young. They make no noise at all whereas the Purple Martins are always squawking about something. We will miss them all when they leave later this summer. Then the quiet in our backyard will be deafening.


  1. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Hello. =]

    I stumbled across your blog, and enjoyed this entry very much. Imagining anyone interacting as you do with the birds makes me smile.

    Your nurturing and appreciation of them is admirable. There aren't too many types of birds out here in Guam.

    Thanks for the read. :) I hope you get to enjoy the same sort of company after the summer ends as well.

  2. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Hi Ron,

    Seems you've been busy! I was away for a graduation in Bedford, PA. What a lovely place! The country side is just beautiful.

    I think I've just about caught up on the blogs I find entertaining. It's a good thing you & I will never go plant shopping together because we'd need a big truck! I'm such a sucker for flowers regardless of whether I need them or not.

    Your blogs about your birds are so interesting. Keep up the good work.


  3. I must google purple martin, I have no idea what they look like. I'll do it now. Mike

  4. Wow, I read a little about them. Common in the east. Not so common in the west. Nice looking bird. Mike

  5. Mike,
    Purple Martins are fascinating birds. They always nest together in a colony. My father built a Purple Martin house and tried for years to get them to come to it. He wasn't successful. First year I had one up, they came. They come back every year on May 1st or 2nd. My summer is not complete until the whole gang of them are in my backyard.


  6. Mike,
    The Purple Martins have a beautiful iridescent sheen color, especially noticeable when the sun shines on them.

  7. Fran,

    Good to hear from you again! I'm glad you enjoy my blogs about the birds. I do so enjoy them in the backyard. I have much more material that I will post.

    Yes, you're right about us going to the nursery together, we would need a truck. I have another friend who has the same addiction. I can't help myself. I love it though. I may go out again tomorrow. We may be having a lot of rain here in the Delmarva Peninsula but it's good for the plants. Everything is so green and fresh. I love it!

  8. Melia,

    Good to hear from you! No, I have never gotten interaction from Guam. I imagine you have quite a bird population where you live. I can only imagine.

    I'm glad you enjoy my blog on the birds. I have a lot more information that I will write about on my blog. I love creating an environment where the native birds can raise their young in safety. It makes me smile too.



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