Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Day Ends

As I was getting ready for my daily walk at the end of the day, I looked to the for horizon and saw this wonderful sight of the sun shining rays through the clouds. That's what I love about living where I do, out in the open. In Pennsylvania I lived in the middle of the woods, which has its advantages but one of the big disadvantages was that I never saw a sunset. Oh how I missed seeing sunsets. For the twenty five years I lived at the Crawford Road property the only way I could see a sunset was through a forest of trees.

What sold me on this property was its position to see sunsets. In November of 2005, as I was leaving Delaware, I stopped at this Ryan Homes development on the east side of Route 1 to check the available properties for sale. At the sales office I saw a corner lot on the map. I asked if I could see it. Jerry, the sales representative, told me how to get to it. It was about 5:30 pm. I had to rush to the lot before it got dark. As I arrived at the lot the sun was just setting. I was sold. The lot was in the perfect location to view sunsets. It was ideal.

I went back to Jerry, borrowed $50 from him to put as a down payment on the lot and thus began one of the greatest trials of my life, selling our home in Pennsylvania and building a new home in Delaware. That story will be a book someday. The whole ordeal of selling our home in Pennsylvania was the most traumatic thing to happen in my life, short of a terminal illness.

Now, three and a half years later, I'm settled in (albeit with a mortgage that won't be paid off until I'm 95 years old) and I'm loving this home. Today, looking at those rays of sun shining through the clouds, was just another verification that I made the right decision. I am supremely happy.


Mike, Studio city said...

There are few things more beautiful than a sunset. When I was growing up in Yuma Az The sunsets were amazing.

Ron Tipton said...


Now that is something I've never seen, a desert sunset. I've never seen a sunset over the Pacific ocean either. Before I check out I would love to see both.