Friday, June 05, 2009

The Gently Falling Rain

It is near midnight, the rain is falling gently outside and I sit at my computer typing my blog for the day. Earlier today I was complaining about the cloudy and rainy weather but I take that back now. Sure, Bill has to mow the lawn every three days now but this rain is wonderful for the area farmers. Since we moved to Delaware in November of 2006, the area has suffered from a drought. It was so sad the last two summers to see fields of corn withering and drying up because of the lack of rain. Not so this year. The corn, soybeans and wheat are flourishing. And, as Miss Martha says, “That is a good thing.”

Even so, the gray skies this morning sapped all the energy out of me. I wanted to finish up building my two raised flower beds that border our backyard. Instead, I watch one of the DVD’s I had from Netflix. It was called “Yossi and Jagger.” The story was about two gay Israeli soldiers. The movie was interesting but it ended in death and sadness. I’m ready to see a gay themed movie that has a happy ending. Aren’t we there yet?

Later in the morning Bill and I visited our friend Bob in Milton. I love checking out his neighbor’s garden. She has a real eye for garden design and I’m always anxious to see what new plants she has in her garden. I’ll have to take pictures and feature them on this blog. She also has a small pond. Seeing her pond brings back memories of my three ponds I had at our home in Pennsylvania. I wish I could have a pond where we’re living now but that would not be practical. We live out in the open with sun all day (when the sun is out of course.) A pond should be partially shaded. If not, the pond will quickly develop algae which will kill the fish. Another problem is that fish in the pond would be totally exposed to predators, like cranes. Even in Pennsylvania I had a visit from a crane which just about wiped out my fish. I haven’t completely given up on the idea of a pond but not at this time. A garden is not complete until it has the gentle sounds of a pond waterfall.

I called my Aunt Mabel this morning. She recently returned from the hospital and nursing home. She’s not doing well. She will be 88 years old this year. I tried to call my Mom but couldn’t get hold of her. I found out later from my sister-in-law that she had a 10:30 am doctor’s appointment. I’ll try calling again tomorrow. My Mom and Aunt Mable worked for over 20 years in the frozen foods division of Pepperridge Farms. They worked in layer cake on the conveyor belt. They didn’t actually work ON the conveyor belt but they made sure the cakes were properly iced. Yes, they did a Lucy and Ethel thing with the speeded up conveyor belt. Oh the stories they tell. My Aunt Mabel reminded me of the trip I took her to Disney World in 2001. I had won a guest service award from the Hampton Inn where I worked the front desk. One of my prizes was a trip for two for four days at Disney World. I couldn’t get anybody to go with me until my Mother suggested my Aunt Mabel. I’m glad we made the trip because it was her last trip before her health started to fail her. I’m glad I asked her. We had a good time and memories to last us a lifetime.

Lately it seems that so many of my friends and relatives are facing health issues. This is just another reminder to me to appreciate every day I have on this good earth, rain or shine.

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