Saturday, June 06, 2009

Good Neighbors

As I was leaving for my daily walk through the Oyster Rocks development Bill asked me “Don’t you want to take your camera?” Anyone who knows me personally knows that I almost always have my Canon Powershot A560 digital camera strapped across my chest. It was late and would be dark soon and I didn’t think there would be many opportunities to take any pictures. But, as I have learned from past experience, that one time that I didn’t take the camera with me was the one time an opportunity presented itself for a unique picture. I asked him to get my camera for me.

Bill got my camera and handed it to me as I exited our garage to being my daily walk. As I walk down our driveway who do I see but my neighbor Bob walking his dog with his house guest for the weekend. As Bob introduced me to his friend (Gene), I asked if I could take their picture. I told Bob this would be the “June” picture of the photo calendar I have made every year as gifts to my friends. Bob and his friend Gene graciously posed for the picture featured on this blog. Oh yes, Bob’s dog (actually his wife’s dog) Heidi also graciously consented to having her picture taken. Actually, she didn't have a choice.

This friendly neighborly interaction tonight is just another reason I love where I live. In Pennsylvania we had a big house and a lot of land (7 acres) but the neighbors were at best indifferent and sometimes hostile. That has not been our experience with our neighbors here in Delaware. Bob and his wife are also retired. They moved her from New Jersey to escape the high taxes and enjoy the good life near the ocean. Bob is an avid fisherman and his wife loves the beach. We all love the relaxed lifestyle (and the low taxes.)

Earlier Bob and Bill (my partner) were discussing how they were going to put up a decorative fence around the very ugly transformer that borders our joint property. I cannot imagine having a conversation like that with my neighbors in Pennsylvania. Maybe having good neighbors is just the luck of the draw. If that is the case, then I won when I moved to Delaware. Good neighbors, something I will never take for granted and something for which I am very thankful that I have here in this wonderful state of Delaware.


G said...

A neighbor with a smile is priceless. Mike

Ron said...

Absolutely! Something we see a lot of here in southern Delaware. Not so much in Pennsylvnia.