Saturday, June 27, 2009

Glorious Summer Days

Yesterday was a glorious summer day. Today is starting out to be another wonderful, carefree lazy, hazy day. After a very rainy spring I'm ready to indulge myself in summertime. I love all the seasons living down here in this southern most county of Delaware but I especially enjoy the long summer days. Waking up to the sun at around 6:30 in the morning and not seeing the sun set until 8:30 or so in the evening is almost the ultimate luxury to me. What's even better I don't have to get in my car or board a plane and travel long distances to soak up summertime. I'm right here in the heart of the east coast summertime vacation destination for the Washington D. C. crowd as well as travelers for the nearby state of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia. As I often tell guests at the hotel where I work the front desk, living here in Delaware in the Milton/Lewes/Rehoboth Beach area I feel like I'm on permanent vacation.

However, there is one downside to living here in the summertime, and the height of the tourist season. It is the traffic. The traffic in Rehoboth Beach, especially on the weekend is a nightmare. And, as is usual, Del Dot (the Delaware Department of Transportation) is doing roadwork on a major traffic artery. The past two years they were widening Route 1, thus backing up traffic for miles on Route 1 during the weekends. Yesterday I took Bill for a ride into Rehoboth (what was I thinking?) at noontime. I felt a need for a charbroiled Wimpy hamburger at the Purple Parrot in the heart of Rehoboth Beach. As I turned off of Rt. 1 onto Rehoboth Avenue I saw the familiar orange traffic cones. Oh no, they're working on the road. Of course there were a bunch of workers standing around doing nothing (what's with that anyway? Rarely do I see anyone actually working during these road projects.) Ah yes, they're doing something with the road leading into the traffic circle into Rehoboth Beach. "Merge Left" the sign said. This right after I was in the right lane as the sign says when entering Rehoboth Beach. Get me out of here.

I was already committed to going into Rehoboth. I told Bill if I found a parking space I would go to the Purple Parrot and get my charbroiled hamburger (well done.) HA! Forget it. Traffic down Rehoboth Avenue during noontime on this Friday was heavy. I made the loop down to the beach front and back up the other way on Rehoboth Avenue and out of Rehoboth Beach. Sorry.

I don't do crowds, I don't do congestion. As my friend The Cajun says, "The horde has descended." I will stay here in my idyllic one acre paradise here east of Route 1 half way between Lewes and Milton, Delaware. Me, my birds, my plants, good neighbors and Bill. I'm good. I'll get that Wimpy in the fall.


  1. Did you REALLY think you would find a parking space in the beach block of Rehoboth Ave. on a Friday in June?

    Silly man!

    I am loving the ease of the park and ride system. Even with the construction and heavy car traffic on the avenue, they always get in the right lane and stay on schedule.

    I marvel at the talents of the drivers.

    Sorry you missed the burger. I am missing them - and our get togethers, too.

  2. Thank you Mike. I work hard to get them that way. Color, color, color. That's what Bill and I like in flowers. No grand plan, just jam every available spot with colorful flowers.

  3. The Cajun,

    I don't know what I was thinking. Find a parking splotz on the main drag in Rehoboth on a Friday afternoon? I saw one on the other side driving down but someone took it before I could make the U-turn at the Parrot.

    We all miss you at burger night at the Parrot. We're going there this Monday night. You're welcome to join.


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