Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Plants or Travel?

Me at Pepper's greenhouse in Milton, Delaware

One of my two new raised flower beds

Yes, I purchased more plants today. I wasn’t planning on buying more plants but when Bill and I were at Lowe’s this morning, I saw forsythia plants at a price that I couldn’t pass up. After I purchased the forsythia plants, the floodgates were opened to filling my cart. I couldn’t leave Lowe’s with a half empty cart. I also purchased a variegated barberry bush, a burning bush and a couple sage herb plants.

Then what did I do when I got home? I unloaded the plants and then took off to Peppers to buy some annuals for color in my new raised flower beds. So I’m thinking “Ron, aren’t you spending a lot of money on plants?” I answer “Yes, you are Ron.” Then I asked myself “What would you rather do – spend a couple thousand dollars taking a trip or spend a couple hundred dollars stuffing my backyard with plants?” The answer was easy, the plants won.

I haven’t traveled since 9/11. The last time I took a plane, I didn’t have to take my shoes off before I boarded the plane. I don’t want to take my shoes off to board a plane. In fact, I don’t plan to fly again until they get rid of that ridiculous requirement. It’s phony. It's a feelgood measure by those in charge of security to convince themselves they're doing something. How many potential shoe bombers have they caught? No thank you, I'm not going to subject myself to air travel these days.

Travel these days is such a hassle. While I would love to visit my brother and his wife in South Carolina I can’t bring myself to jump through all the hoops it would take me to visit them. I would love to visit Johnson City, Tennessee and the western North Carolina mountains where my father spent the first 10 years of his life. I haven’t been there since 1996. To visit would be so difficult. I would have to either drive my car or connect with a series of flights and rent a car. I just don’t have the energy. What I do have the energy for is working on my backyard to create a natural habitat for the local birds and insects. I get immense satisfaction from working in my backyard. I love listening to the Purple Martins training their new young to fly. I love seeing the swallows gracefully swooping down on my backyard scooping up mosquitoes. What I don’t like is the stress and aggravation of travel. While I would enjoy seeing the people I visit, getting there is the problem. I also have to consider the expense. Now that my hours have been cut back to once a week, I don’t have those extra discretionary funds. My choice is obvious.

So, I will continue to look for that spot in my backyard that needs just the right plant. Gardening is my joy and passion. It’s better than a backyard pool.


G said...

You look so happy there. I would only be smiling if they seved wine and cheese. LOL Mike

Ron said...

Ha! I'm in my element in greenhouses. I wish I had all the money I've spent over the years in nurseries.

nitewrit said...


When it come to doing the things we don't have to do, we should do the things that make us happiest.

There is the otherside of the question, "how many shoe bombers have they caught? It is how many shoe bombers have they prevented? What we really have to worry about is someday having an underpants bomber. If you don't like taking your shoes off, then...well think about it..


Ron said...

The question" How many shoe bombers have they caught" should be easy to answer. Notice that we don't get that answer. Another question would be "how many shoe bombers have they prevented?" That is the Cheney fallacy of proving a negative. One could also say how many hurricanes Katrina's they have prevented by the implementation of the ridiculous policy of making all airline passengers remove their shoes before boarding a plant. If someone wanted to really sneak a bomb on a plane they would put it in their underwear. There are so many ways. Ironically, I came up with the underpants scenario before I read your comment.

As long as I live I will avoid taking a plane if I have to take my shoes off. To do so would be giving my consent to this phony policy.