Sunday, June 09, 2013

Visit to Bob and Jim

Louise and Bob

Horrendous storms and rains were forecast for this weekend.  Not quite tornadoes and hurricanes but something near a Nor'easter.  Well, actually we did get a little bit of that yesterday when we visited our friends Bob and Jim who live at Brandywine Senior Living.  We figured the traffic would be light on Route One because of the impending storm.  It was.

When we arrived about 11:30 am, Bob and Jim were still in the dining room, waiting for their desserts.  These guys eat good!  No wonder both of them are putting on weight.  Although, I think Bob lost some weight.  

Jim, Bob and I in the dining room at Brandywine

I went into the dining room and told them we would be waiting outside.  While we waited, Bill struck up a conversation with Bob's new girlfriend, Louise.  Louise is a neighbor of theirs (her room is right across the hall from Bob and Jim's.  She's an 87 year old widow who has taken quite a liking to Bob.  And I can tell Bob likes her too.  I think this is wonderful!

Bill and Bob
Me and Jim

Bob and Jim live in an efficiency apartment at Brandywine.  All their meals are provided for them and I might say, they are very good.  I've had a couple and they rival or beat out anything I've had at some of the more expensive fine dining establishments in Rehoboth of Lewes.  

Bill at the door to Bob and Jim's efficiency room at Brandywine
A friend of Bob's called me a few weeks ago.  He hasn't seen Bob for over thirty years.  He found my blog where I mentioned Bob.  He looked up my phone number on the Internet and called me inquiring about Bob.  They lost touch as so often happens with friends, they drift away because of circumstances.  He was Bob's boyfriend before Bob met Jim.  He now lives in San Diego.  

When I saw Bob yesterday I thought I would mentioned his friend's name.  Much to my surprise Bob recognized the name right away!  Jim told me that Bob was having a good day and he was.  I immediately got out my iPhone and placed a call to Bob's friend.  This was very good!  They had a long (about 15 minutes) conversation. Bob then handed my phone to me.  His friend told me that he will visit our area the end of the summer.  I'll take him to visit Bob.  See the good this blog does?  


  1. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Truly awesome. It used to be said that there were Six Degrees of Separation between people...the latest research has suggested that with social media (blogs being among them, along with Facebook, Twitter, etc.), the degrees have fallen, and we are now more like Two Degrees of Separation from almost anyone else in the developed world. Pretty awesome, the power of social media!

    Peace <3

    1. Jay,

      The Internet has certainly made the world a whole lot smaller and for the better.


    2. Anonymous7:53 AM


      I'm glad you were able to have a good visit with your friend. That's a neat story about your blog putting his old friend in touch with him. This is social media being put to good use!

    3. Sean,

      I've gotten a lot of grief (and lost a few friends) over the fact that I have a blog that mentions names. Good riddance to them I say, they just proved they weren't real friends. My blog does so much good, not only for me but for others. This is reuniting of my friend with his long ago friend is just another example.



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